It Actually IS a GOP Sh*t Storm

We all knew it would be a shit storm when the GOP got together to nominate Donald Trump in Cleveland.  But even I didn’t think it would actually turn into a a convention hall where folks would be running for the bathrooms instead of the exits.

Apparently, though, they are.  Because the GOP doesn’t just have a shitty candidate, they have norovirus:

The virus can be caught through contact from infected people or surfaces, or through consuming contaminated food or water. Norovirus inflames the stomach, the intestines, or both. Symptoms include stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.  (Washington Post)


Of course, their candidate has been producing shit from his mouth and making the rest of the world vomit and crap their pants in fear since he announced he was running last year.  And then again each time he speaks.

But with the norovirus taking hold of the delegates, I’m wondering if Mr. Trump needs a new form of transportation to make sure those delegates fill the convention hall to listen to the crazy line up of misogynists, racists and fear mongers.

Don’t you think that they should be riding in this fine vehicle:

Stool bus from father kane

Picture Credit:  Father Kaine’s The Last of the Milleniums.  Where else?  He finds the best things.

Elections matter. 




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31 responses to “It Actually IS a GOP Sh*t Storm

  1. Oh yeah……………………………..

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  2. Love this post. So funny but so sad and true. I heard we are making a vaccine for norovirus. Maybe it will help stop this shit.

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  3. Of course the GOP convention doesn’t fire me up … after all, I know how to avoid it … and it works!

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  4. Could there be a more apt metaphor for this event? Me thinks not. Hehe.

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  5. Kinda like the Rio Olympics of politics, huh? 😉

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  6. But if you watch Fox, they’re all excited that the convention is going viral.

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  7. “CAUTION… Exiting Passengers”…that about says it all, doesn’t it ???☺

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  8. There are just so many jokes… I watched a bit of the convention yesterday. It was literally a putrid experience and I felt afterwards possibly like I had been riding a miles on this stool bus.

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  9. Oh my gosh, this is even funnier than The Holler’s local septic-service pumper truck named, “Your sh*t is our bread and butter!”

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  10. I want a stool bus….wait that came out all kind of wrong. So glad no tv.

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  11. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I’m going to start volunteering to get folks registered and voting. I’m going to be looking for other ways to make a dint, too. The RNC has been very … illuminating … for me.

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  12. excellent post – love the truck, perfect

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  13. The convention is sounding pathetic to me. I prefer to respect the people I disagree with, but when they keep harping on Benghazi or on why they hate Hillary, I find nothing helpful or hopeful. It’s all just shit. The best speech so far has been Melania’s. Oops, I mean Michelle’s.

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  14. In my last blog, I promised I would take the political high road. However, it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy your road!

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  15. Paul

    The LORD is speaking clearly on His opinion of Trump’s election. Bwahahaha! I hear the candidates have all but accepted Jesus as a write in on their ballot. Ha!

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  16. Tronald Dump riding the Stool Bus. Now there’s a photo op for ya! May a shit storm rain down upon him, and may a smirk be his umbrella. 🙂

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