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Recently, I managed to lose all the blogs I follow.  So I have tried to reconstruct my list from the page of blogs I follow on Word Press, and from links that I am following like a hound dog.  And I’ve put them onto a separate page so that the next time Word Press plays with the format, I won’t lose my bloggin’ buddies.

I’ve done this really quickly, AND I am an oblivious sort.  So if I left you off, please shout!  Let me know!  Don’t let me hurt you!  I want you on my list.  Really.

A Frank Angle

Aurora Morealis

Becoming Cliche

Before Morning Breaks

Being Arindam


Childhood Relived

Crumb Snatcher Tales


Down Home Thoughts


Georgette Sullins’s Blog

Good Humored

How The Hell Did I End Up Here


MJ Monaghan

Mostly Bright Ideas


Pinklightsaber’s Blog

Prairie Wisdom

Sandy like a Beach

She’s a Maineiac

The Big Sheep Blog

The Bucket

Truth About Mornings

Undercover Surfer


Words Fall From My Eyes

Writingfeemail’s Blog

Write from the Heart


34 responses to “Other Fun Blogs

  1. this list is awesome………

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  2. I’ve been finding a lot of good ones on Jenny Lawson’s page. I think I saw a comment just above mine that was a new blogger. I can’t remember anymore but I knew you had been around for a bit because you have so much content! Thanks for the tips and well wishes!

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  3. I’m a new blogger, too! There are so many great blogs out there, I’m having a ball checking them out. I never really read a blog until I found The Bloggess. Now, I can’t get enough!

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    • Welcome, Marcie!
      Actually, I’ve been blogging for several years. The ‘sphere is filled with a lot of thoughtful, fun, funny, wonderful people and a few assholes. Hope you find few of the latter! (That’s been my experience.)

      Many of the blogs on this page are no longer current — although some of the best ones are still ongoing. The best way to find new blogs is via comments on ones you already know and like. When someone leaves a clever comment, you can be reasonably sure that their blog is going to be clever too!

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  4. Dan

    Knowing you comment there and know Trent.
    Where is Art and PMAO? http://pouringmyartout.com/
    Trent http://trentlewin.com/

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  5. Dan

    So all I have to do to get grandfathered onto your blog roll is insist I was there before. Sweet! What a SCAM.

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  6. Elyse,
    I would be honored if you would consider adding my blog to your list. Stop by and check it out. If you like it, you can add me. If you don’t my feelings won’t be hurt 🙂 I know my ramblings aren’t for everyone.



  7. Lea

    Thank you for putting this list together. I am new to this blogging stuff, so its great to get to ‘know’ people from your list. Thanks!


    • Welcome Lea. This is an old list and not everybody still posts. But the ones that do are really good!


    • Leah,
      I (stupidly) responded to your comment on my phone, not remembering who is listed on that page of fun blogs. At least half of them are no longer posting.

      I found/still find blogs I like by reading the comments in other people’s blogs and going back to see the stuff written by people who leave fun comments. Or people that the blogger responds to with affection (because nobody writes fun/funny/awesome comments all the time!). That’s how you build your own base of bloggin’ buddies! But it takes time.

      Good luck!


  8. pinklightsabre

    Can I get a witness?


  9. You missed me Elyse! Plus I want to know how you got that keen NaNo badge on your site?


    • Oh this page needs a lot of updating (as does my About page!)

      I’ll see if I can figure out how I did the widget and get back to you. What is your email (or send me one at the address in my contact me page!


    • OK, I added you! And took off a bunch that no longer post. I did this about 2 years ago and, ummm, things change! But I need to go back and add a whole bunch of folks.


  10. I enjoy your blog…perhaps you will think mine fun too! Come take a peek! http://www.humoringthegoddess.com
    Humoring the Goddess: Managing the Madness and Magic of Middle Age

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  11. Elyse. I just noticed that you listed me as one of your fun blogs to read. I am so appalled that I just discovered this. Thank you so much for your graciousness. I am really touched. Take care.


    • You’re welcome. But I actually did that page when I screwed up with WP and couldn’t find all the blogs I followed. So I decided to keep it so that I wouldn’t lose my buddies. That was a year and a half ago. It needs a bit of updating as some people have vanished, others have come by.

      But you’ll be there as long as you wanna be!


  12. Hey.. I know you visit Under The LobsterScope. Why isn’t it on your list? Not enough fun?


  13. You’re welcome. I don’t manage to read them all all the time, but I try! Enjoy your Saturday — it’s still Friday here!


  14. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Hi, FiftyFourAndAHalf 🙂
    I think it’s lovely how you made that list, and of course I’m honoured to be on it! I actually like looking at blog rolls. When I visit a page I find interesting, I tend to then check out the comments & if the comment is interesting I check out the commenter… & then I check out the blog roll. It’s a great way to get around, on the track of your own interests.

    You must have a busy time reading, is all I can say. I find I only get about one or two days a week – such as today, Saturday, when I can actually indulge in some reads. There truly is some choice blogs out there.

    Cheers & thank you !


  15. Thanks, MJ. It’s hard to keep up — I didn’t know anybody found out I’d finally done this!


  16. and I’m adding you to my blogroll today 🙂 MJ


  17. Sure thing. I need to learn how to make mine longer on the main page — not many people explore!


  18. Thanks for the listing on here! Very nice. I need a blogroll…


  19. You’re welcome! I put this together when all of the blogs I follow ended up in my Spam folder (which is hard to find on Gmail) and I had to reconstruct my list. I used other “Blog lists” to reconstruct mine because my WordPress list seemed woefully incomplete.


  20. Thank you for the nod. I do like it when we can subscribe and then I can check out my “Read Blogs” list. That keeps me on autopilot until I get side tracked meeting someone new.


  21. Thanks for including me, it’s hard to keep track of isn’t it when they keep changing things on us… I have a hard enough time finding where my mind is each morning…lol


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