Sorry Guys

I’m watching Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.  And I’m finding it hard to concentrate. 

All I can focus on is those little fingers. 


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60 responses to “Sorry Guys

  1. You know the weird thing about this whole hand thing? I now look at men’s hands and wonder about their…you know, their…how do I say this without totally embarrassing myself? Okay, I’ll just say it…their ego size. I can’t help it. Is there a 12-step program for this problem? Not for me! For Donald Dinky Digits!

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  2. Little hands. Little brain. Little heart. He. Cannot. Win.

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  3. I started focusing on those hands as well. They are weirdly hypnotic in a really bad way. Teeny, weeny, little sausages.

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  4. Our politics have been a joke for a while now, the outcome of votes in some areas still not known 3 weeks after our election. I can’t imagine how frustrating and infuriating the Trump farce is for you when it has been going on for so long and the garbage continues to pour out of his mouth.

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  5. So did those little fingers destroy your sexual fantasy with The Donald?

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  6. Really… you used just one hand?

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  7. Did you notice that after the speech the room was full of so much hot air, it took a long time for the balloons to fall?

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  8. You are very brave (or foolish) to have watched. 😉


  9. He hates it when you talk about the size of his hands. You’d better knock it off.

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  10. lifespaller

    I’m still stuck on the hair. But I’ve been avoiding news reports fro the US. Thanks so much for pointing out the hands.

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  11. I watched a bunch of this speech last night, but kept nodding off. A few things kept coming back to me. First, the incredible smugness of this guy, like this is all some kind of game and he is the one winning, just look at him. Second, the condescension and insincerity, as though this really is an individual that will say whatever people want to hear. Third, and worst, the sheer volume of his lying. So many claims and promises about things he will make better because others have bungled them up so badly, treatsies on how he will make all these corrections and quickly – but no indication of how. His words seem so empty, as though he fully knows he’s lying, fully expects people to know he’s lying, but also fully expects that people will buy the lie. And I don’t know, maybe they will.

    I felt an incredible urge to fly to Cleveland and punch this guy in the nose. But then I feel asleep and dreamt about hot dogs and beer, and that is no lie at all.

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  12. Paul

    Oh, Elyse – you didn’t look at those tiny hands did you? Oh my, it’s too late now.

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  13. I want to move to another country.

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  14. I can’t watch the convention. I don’t have the stomach for it……. and yeah, those little hands . lol

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  15. I’m watching and feeling sorry for all the fact checkers … there isn’t a server on the planet fast enough to keep up with these lies.

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  16. I feel sick. How will I ever sleep over the next couple of months?

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