No Balls

If this isn’t a metaphor for today’s GOP, I don’t know what is.

Balls are not allowed at next week’s GOP convention where the politicians who haven’t had the balls to stand up to Little Fingers Don until now will nominate him to be their candidate for President of the FUCKING UNITED STATES!


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Of course, in another expected metaphor, these same folks responded to the latest mass shooting of police officers in Dallas by adding language stating opposition to restricting magazine capacity & banning AR-15 rifles. There was no debate.

Here.  I’ll help you pack.  Other things that you can’t bring to the GOP convention (since I know you’re going) include:  knives of all sorts, lumber, coolers and cots.  Num chucks have to be left in the hotel room, as do your fireworks.

I did not notice rotten tomatoes on the list, so stock up!  There will be a run on them in Cleveland, I’m sure.

But because Ohio is an “open-carry” state, you can bring guns.

Guns guns and more guns

What could be better than drunk GOP ammosexuals with their guns?  Image credit

What could possibly go wrong?


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24 responses to “No Balls

  1. No wonder they can’t juggle more than one thing at a time… no balls to practice with…

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  2. And in Cleveland does the end begin… it’s horrible watching all this unfold, but it’s hard to turn away.

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  3. When I first saw that, I immediately began channeling this guy. I have yet to stop.

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  4. I have a really bad feeling about Ohio next week. Hope I’m wrong. Because the following week, the DNC is too close to my “hood”. ☺

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  5. I got an email today informing me that the poetry corner on our public radio station would be pre-empted on 8 days due to coverage of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. I’m crushed. I really could have used 90 uplifting seconds of poetry each day to balance out the torment of listening to the yapping about the lesser of two evils. My dog has bigger balls than all of them put together. 🙂

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  6. Needless to say, this Ohio gal won’t be driving into Cleveland next week.

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  7. Num chuck may be banned at the convention, but num nuts of all kinds are welcome.

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  8. Perhaps they won’t get it until the “get it”. Get it?

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  9. Shit your pants scary is spot on. Morons.

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  10. Well, at least they’re consistent. This year, Texas is poised to allow open-carry of guns on college campuses. “What’s that, prof? You want to discuss some politics? Fill your hand, you SOB!”

    Man, you just couldn’t make this stuff up. 😜

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  11. Well, INSIDE the convention center, no knives, guns, num chucks, etc. But outside in protest areas, the law is the law, and gun laws WILL allow protestors to carry their weapons. For real. Cuz that sounds like a good idea.

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