Missing the Point


The news is on, and the pundits are all falling all over themselves to be the first to put a bar of soap into Donald Trump’s mouth because he uttered the word “pussy” when referring to Ted Cruz’s unwillingness to, should he become president, bring back waterboarding.


The Donald’s and the woman in the audience’s description of Ted Cruz is not the one I would use.  I personally prefer to call Ted Cruz “an asshole.”  Bu then, I’m not running for president.

But the media, the Fourth Estate, aren’t concerned that the top contender for the GOP’s candidate for President of the United States favors torture.  Favors one of the very practices that helped spread, helped foment, helped make terrorism an acceptable option to far more people who might just act on it.

The press is a bunch of pussies.


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62 responses to “Missing the Point

  1. Wait – am I not paying attention enough? Are candidates running on a pro-torture platform? What the heck is going on down there????

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  2. Anthony Scalia died. GOP hard at work trying to find a way to blame Obama.

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  3. Forget the hypocrisy… my big question is this: How did guys start using that word as an insult???

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  4. Dana

    I bet Trump doesn’t want water poured on that thing on his head!

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  5. If this was a passing fad or a fantasy enjoyed by a small portion of the country, we could all relax. It seems to be a runaway train, however.

    I think it should be plain to see that our country cannot afford to give any credibility to people like Trump. It becomes clearer each day. It’s frightening how his speech after the NH polls won’t discourage his supporters and convince them that he has no business running for office and is not fit for the task,

    As for the press, it’s all been said before.

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  6. Holly


    What? Isn’t that what the press is supposed to protect us from? Things that may make us the least bit uncomfortable?

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    • Apparently that’s what they think! Not to expose behavior that is dangerous to the country, certainly. Cause they ain’t been doin’ that for a long time!

      Sorry about your ears. At least it didn’t affect your curly tail!

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  7. I listened to that clip three times and laughed just as hard each time. What a circus! We’re a laughing stock.

    Did you see my man Kasich came in second? And Bloomberg is still considering a run. Christie will announce his withdrawal any minute now. There’s hope on the horizon.

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  8. I’ve said it for years “the power of the pussy is like no other” and once again it proves to be true. You are DEAD RIGHT Elyse the press are the biggest kitty kats of all …. MEOW!
    I will not make it to November at his point….

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  9. Completely agree. And the interesting thing about this is the idea that Cruz is soft on the idea of waterboarding. In the last debate, he specifically said he wouldn’t have a problem with it because it doesn’t meet the definition of torture — which he then proceeded to define inaccurately! So, to me the bigger problem is that the attack on Cruz is misplaced, his position on waterboarding is based on his expert legal skills, which apparently include completely mischaracterizing the definition of torture. That said, I do find the degeneration in political dialogue that has been created by Trump to be alarming and disgusting.

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    • I’m pretty sure I could think long and hard before coming up with something nice to say about Ted Cruz. Except that he really is smart (as he will tell us until the end of time).

      But I was really alarmed that what the press focused on was the decorum. I agree wholeheartedly that Trump has degraded the office he wants to hold, and the whole political discourse which IS worth commenting on. But the fact the press didn’t bother mentioning the fact that the front-runner for the GOP’s nomination for prez wants to bring back torture kind of demonstrates how we got to where we are in our politics. The press is not doing its job, and by ignoring the elephants (pun intended) THEY lower the discourse. And that is terrifying. Because we bloggers can only do so much!


      • There is coverage of Trump being in support of torture … saw it on CNN’s website at least and probably in small blurbs in the local newspaper. I also see it covered on some, if not all, of the liberal blogs I follow. So, I’m not sure it is accurate to say the press isn’t covering this. I will agree that the noise over the decorum is much louder than the noise generated by substance.

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        • I’m surprised you saw it on CNN. I’ve seen it in the blogs, but then the blogs seem to be the medium (the media medium?) that calls these folks out. But only the very interested (like us) read them. We need to hear it on the network news, the morning shows, etc.

          And I think that it is important to not be a disrespectful boor. But that was obvious long ago!


  10. I’m trying to learn not to call people by body part names or even euphemisms. But yeah, I would have chosen “asshole.” Even so, your point is the more important one. Torture — if you think it is NOT torture (Dick Cheney,) then have it done to a loved one while you watch. Then tell me. YOU get to pick the loved one, (Dick, how about Liz??) but that’s the deal.

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    • The definition of torture, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, or in that case, the victim. When I was in the Navy I experienced intentional sleep deprivation and I can assure you that it, too, is a form of torture. Solitary confinement is also and our country practices it on a massive scale. When his GOP critics accuse the president of wanting to change (or “destroy”) America, they are partially right, torture being one of the areas ripe for change.

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      • Having had health problems that interrupted my sleep terribly, I will second the fact that sleep deprivation is brutal torture. There are so many things that can be used to break a person down. The fact that they’ve been salivating over it since the Bush Administration makes me sick.

        Damn good for Obama for trying to change that culture.

        And thanks for your input, Jim. You have such an interesting background that you provide terrific insights.

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    • Sophie’s choice for Dick Cheney??? What a wonderful idea. And while I don’t believe in torture, the idea of having it happen to a Cheney … (this is exactly why I should never have a gun or be in charge of anything). And I’d be rooting for Liz …

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  11. I can respect a people when they are for waterboarding, unless they’re willing to go through the experience themselves. And if they’re not willing to, then maybe they are the pussies.

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  12. I am sort of blowing up here…..so excited for Bernie…so appalled about the D.
    What the hell, New Hampshire?

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  13. It just gets crazier and crazier. And crazier. And crazier. And…

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  14. The Fourth Estate has become third rate. And, “asshole” is a much better description.

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