Fasten Your Seatbelts

Holy shit.

This election just got really interesting.

Antonin Scalia died.  Anybody need a hanky?  I didn’t think so.

Mitch McConnell has already said that the next president should nominate someone for the vacancy.

So did Ted Cruz.

Of course they said that.  And of course, Mitch McConnell will block the nomination of whomever President Obama puts forward, even if the man or woman’s halo is clearly visible to Scott Kelly from space.

According to my husband the lawyer and Google, a 4-4 tie in the US Supreme Court means that the lower court ruling will stand.

Things are gonna get interesting.

Many thanks to my bloggin’ buddy Mark at Exile on Pain Street for letting me know the news.



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59 responses to “Fasten Your Seatbelts

  1. This will be super interesting. I’m appalled at how much power has been assumed by a handful of people – the Supremes and the President – power, that was supposed to be given to the voters or their elected representatives. The next judge selection will be major.


    • It will be interesting, but I have to differ – strongly — on your comment that “power has been assumed by a handful of people – the Supremes and the President …”

      It is a three-branch government, intentionally divided by the Founding Fathers to prevent any one branch from becoming too powerful. The President, and the Congress are elected, the Judiciary appointed. Under the Constitution, the President has a duty to choose justices for all federal benches including the Supreme Court. That is why the SC is such a big campaign issue. Because the court reflects what the voters have chosen — in this case, like it or not, they chose Obama by 5 million votes. Thereby President Obama WAS given the authority to choose who gets to be on the court.

      The Senate’s obligation is “advise and consent” — and that’s not what McConnell and the GOP presidential candidates are offering. they are not fulfilling their roles — they have shouted NO! from the rooftops when they don’t even know who President Obama will name. They are claiming that this vacancy should be filled by the NEXT president, when there is a long time until he/she will take office. They have obstructed other, important judgships and Executive Branch folks (it used to be that the Senate almost automatically approved Presidential nominees — because it is essentially hiring staff (albeit high level).

      Now, as to the power of the Supreme Court, it is very significant, and since their terms in office are lifelong, well, they can have longstanding influence. That is the system, though.

      Unless we change it, it is our government (and I would go for making judgships a finite term, not lifelong. I would also go for changing the damn 2nd amendment). We can’t pick an choose which parts of the Constitution we agree to and then go with only those.

      The Supreme Court — with all the decisions it has made that I disagree with — is fulfilling its role under the Constitution as is the President. It is, in my opinion, the Congress that is stepping all over the Constitution.

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  2. Oh my God. This election is already exhausting and we’ve only begun. Its a wrestle for the soul of this country and I’m not feeling good about it.

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  3. It gives the republicans another chance to do absolutely nothing while stopping anything from being done…

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  4. Just a matter of gamesmanship …. and President Obama has the chance to put them truly between a rock and a hard place … so the question is, will he?

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  5. Dana

    Also, not for nothin’, but… Cinderella Guevara?


  6. Dana

    I feel dumb; this whole time, I thought his name was Anthony!

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  7. Crike, now I gotta go look up who this chap was…

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  8. As if blocking something Obama wanted to put forth is something new…business as fucking usual with this crew of nut cases with one agenda ..THEIRS. I’m hoping that their true colors will FINALLY been seen by everyone, not just the smart ones like ourselves.

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  9. I’m from the UK and even here his passing has attracted a lot of interest and speculation

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    • It will be interesting. I hope it awakens a bit more of an understanding in the need to pay attention to whom we elect. Because the GOP in Congress are getting elected by promising to not cooperate with the Dems. Ummmmm… the result is gridlock and everybody loses.


  10. We were stunned by the news yesterday afternoon. My daughter saw it on Twitter as soon as it broke. It is fascinating, but it also already ugly.
    Of course, when I heard Scalia had died while on a hunting vacation, I wondered if Cheney was anywhere in the vicinity.

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  11. “Interesting” for a value of painfully, illegally farcical.
    Might be time to check out real estate in Canada.
    Hell, Syria might be better than this.

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    • Well, yeah. I wonder, if the Senate does the expected and blocks the nomination, will the President be able to sue Congress? And will it end up in the Supreme Court???

      New Zealand sounds lovely and warmer than Canada. Or perhaps a tropical island!


  12. Win or lose, I think Obama can have some fun with this one. As for Scalia, he seems to have died about 200 years past his time. Perhaps he should be buried in a pine box with pennies over his eyes, the way they did back in the days of the founding fathers.

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  13. You had me at Bette Davis. ❤

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  14. The word imperative enters the fray. Regardless of who the Democrat nominee is, s/he must be elected. Everything else political is secondary now.

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  15. Are you kidding? You were the first person I thought of.

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  16. If the Republicans stall, but the Democrats win the White House again, Hillary or Bernie can nominate Obama. So there’s an upside.

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  17. I knew you’d have something on this!!! Yikes. And holy crapy….wow. The R’s are going to look SO. BAD. on this.

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  18. Oh boy, I was wondering when this would happen. This won’t play out easy, that’s for sure. Politics are about to get uglier. If that’s even possible.

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