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Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

Do you ever feel that the stars are lined up against you?  That you can’t win in your own life?  That God has it in for you?

I have to say, that I have felt that way on more than one occasion.  On more than one occasion a day on bad days.

God strikes

I often feel like I’m between a rock and an electric place

Photo Credit:  comandoxtreme.xtgem.com

Some days I know that God is out to get me.  But I never really thought there was anything I could do about it.  I mean, I’m me, and God, well, God is God.  He rules.


Well maybe not.  Because you see, an Israeli man has filed a restraining order against God.  True story!  Because sometimes, God is abusive.  And if God can’t be nice, He needs to keep His distance.  At least 300 feet away — that’s the usual distance abusive men must respect.

Restraining order

Photo Caption:  Huffington Post

Sigh. I’m going straight to hell for this one.


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Fasten Your Seatbelts

Holy shit.

This election just got really interesting.

Antonin Scalia died.  Anybody need a hanky?  I didn’t think so.

Mitch McConnell has already said that the next president should nominate someone for the vacancy.

So did Ted Cruz.

Of course they said that.  And of course, Mitch McConnell will block the nomination of whomever President Obama puts forward, even if the man or woman’s halo is clearly visible to Scott Kelly from space.

According to my husband the lawyer and Google, a 4-4 tie in the US Supreme Court means that the lower court ruling will stand.

Things are gonna get interesting.

Many thanks to my bloggin’ buddy Mark at Exile on Pain Street for letting me know the news.



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