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A Really Weird Day

Comedy and life works in threes.  Today was no exception.

Or maybe it’s just a weird day.

You see, every morning I check reports on the status of the DC area’s Metro system. I don’t take Metro — it doesn’t go anywhere near where I live.  But for some reason, I get notice of Metro problems hours before everyone else.  So I pass them on to my friends and colleagues so they know whether or not to drink that coffee.

So I know from my personal observational study that the DC Metro is a mess.  My friends are frequently stranded, late to work because of one delay after another.  Forced to Uber to the office when the system lets them down.

Yet, just today I read that DC’s broken, crumbling, unreliable Metro was voted the No. 1 Transit System in the Nation.

Next, I learned that President Obama is considering a surprise guy to replace Antonin Scalia on the US Supreme Court — GOP Nevada Governor and gun-control opponent, Brian Sandoval, a “centrist” former federal judge.  I am hoping that this was a ploy to force the Senate Obstructionists to stamp their feet and make it clear (OK, more clear) that the GOP is holding their breath until they turn blue.

Hold breath

That background should be red, don’t cha think?  Google Image.  Or perhaps Smirf


A pouty Smurf. I couldn’t decide which one was more GOP-like.  Although I seriously doubt the GOP wears the white hat…  Google Image.  Because how much time do you think I have for these posts?

I drove home through a nasty storm — and wanted nothing more than to watch last night’s Stephen Colbert show.

Where a fun band played. But I was confused.

First of all, the group’s name is the “Violent Femmes” — and the band members were three men.  I was confused — and it wasn’t just that my French sucks.  Because “Femmes” means women.  Really.  It’s one of the three french words that I’m certain of.

But the weirdest part was that they had rather unusual percussion.

Their drummer played a Weber Grill.


I’m so glad it’s Hump Day.



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