A Really Weird Day

Comedy and life works in threes.  Today was no exception.

Or maybe it’s just a weird day.

You see, every morning I check reports on the status of the DC area’s Metro system. I don’t take Metro — it doesn’t go anywhere near where I live.  But for some reason, I get notice of Metro problems hours before everyone else.  So I pass them on to my friends and colleagues so they know whether or not to drink that coffee.

So I know from my personal observational study that the DC Metro is a mess.  My friends are frequently stranded, late to work because of one delay after another.  Forced to Uber to the office when the system lets them down.

Yet, just today I read that DC’s broken, crumbling, unreliable Metro was voted the No. 1 Transit System in the Nation.

Next, I learned that President Obama is considering a surprise guy to replace Antonin Scalia on the US Supreme Court — GOP Nevada Governor and gun-control opponent, Brian Sandoval, a “centrist” former federal judge.  I am hoping that this was a ploy to force the Senate Obstructionists to stamp their feet and make it clear (OK, more clear) that the GOP is holding their breath until they turn blue.

Hold breath

That background should be red, don’t cha think?  Google Image.  Or perhaps Smirf


A pouty Smurf. I couldn’t decide which one was more GOP-like.  Although I seriously doubt the GOP wears the white hat…  Google Image.  Because how much time do you think I have for these posts?

I drove home through a nasty storm — and wanted nothing more than to watch last night’s Stephen Colbert show.

Where a fun band played. But I was confused.

First of all, the group’s name is the “Violent Femmes” — and the band members were three men.  I was confused — and it wasn’t just that my French sucks.  Because “Femmes” means women.  Really.  It’s one of the three french words that I’m certain of.

But the weirdest part was that they had rather unusual percussion.

Their drummer played a Weber Grill.


I’m so glad it’s Hump Day.



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49 responses to “A Really Weird Day

  1. In a nation where Donald Trump is the front runner in one of the two major parties, what do you expect? Love the Violent Femmes, aren’t they cool?

    Hope your week got less strange. Mine got more so.

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  2. I’d have to agree. That was a weird day.

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  3. It IS pretty weird that Obama’s considering a Republican governor for the SCOTUS. And it’s weirder that the Senate is still saying, “Nope, nuh-uh, no way.” Maybe he’ll have to appoint Rush Limbaugh to win their approval. But I still like the idea of him appointing himself. That would be good weird.

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  4. Hope today was better. I think sometimes those weird days are like a reality check. You go back and say, “did that really happen?” 🙂

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  5. Dana

    Joe: “Have you heard of this band called Violet Phlegm?”
    Me : “Actually, the cassette tape cover says Violent Femmes. I like that Gone Daddy Gone song. Is that a xylophone? ”
    Joe: “I don’t know. Can I have a piece of your Bubblicious?”

    — Me and a friend talking after school , 1988

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  6. yay… I feel like I fit into this world a little better now…

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  7. Had you never heard of The Violent Femmes before? Because ‘Blister in the Sun’ was a pretty huge hit, I think. My in-laws live in Arlington so I’ve only ever experienced the Metro on weekends. It’s not so bad.

    Big GOP circus debate tonight. I have theater tickets so I’m going to miss is. If I’d known there was going to be a schedule conflict I wouldn’t have gotten theater tickets.

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    • So you’re going to real theater instead of theater of the absurd?

      You would be amazed at how “out of it” I am musically. I had never heard of them until last night (when I watched a recorded episode of Colbert).

      The DC Metro is OK if you’re a tourist, or if you don’t have to depend on it. But it breaks down constantly and where it runs above ground is constantly plagued with problems. It takes some of my colleagues hours to get to/from work some days.


  8. My grandparents lived in Arlington, so I’ve been on that subway a few times as a kid. I don’t remember it being particularly special. And that song by the Violent Femmes! Is that their only song? It gets stuck in my head every time.

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  9. Ah, The Violent Femmes! Brings me back to the late 80s!

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  10. There is nothing wrong with your French. There may be something wrong with that group, though… 😉

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  11. I posted something on Twitter an hour ago, which could have been a comment here if I had read your post then…
    Anyway, I realized there is at least one liberal that Obama could nominate for Supreme Court and the Republicans in the Senate would be happy to confirm: Hillary Clinton. It’s not going to happen, but can you imagine the temptation for the Republicans offered a guarantee of Clinton-less election?

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    • Hmmmm. Would they bite? Or would they assume that Rubio will rally to beat both Trump AND Hillary? the latter sounds more delusional, so I’m guessing that’s what they’re thinking.

      I hope it ends up being Obama in the Supreme Court …


  12. Yay, one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite groups! When I’m a walking I strut my stu-uf…:)

    Agreed, today was weird. The Metro didn’t seem all that great…and that was 20 years ago.

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  13. Well, thanks for your contribution to today’s weirdness. I missed Colbert last night (no Weber for me). Interesting, though. Weird Wednesdays!

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    • That may be the shortest comment you’ve ever left, Paul! Are you feeling OK???!!!


      • Paul

        Ha! Yes Mum. ha! I actually looked up your band on Wiki and they have been around a while with 8 albums. they explained that when some one questioned the band leader about his brother being a member, the leader spontaneously came up with the band name Violent femmes and he liked it so much they kept it. It was obviously tongue in cheek. it is not unheard of for nicknames to be the opposite of the person – so a giant would be called Tiny, and a little guy would be called Mr.Big. Same was true for CB handles – my friend Elroy , who was generally quiet but not at all timid was called Thunder Chicken – and so on. By that logic the Violent Femmes would be a peace loving group of English guys – which they were.

        As far as your Metro is concerned, best of luck. Many cities facing fiscal challenges have frozen or cut public transportation funding – obviously yours has done so too,just not as much as every other city. Because we are the capital of Canada, we have the highest expenditure on public transpo in Canada. We are spoiled.


  14. Now that’s an awesome song … and Weber Grill … Good one, Elyse. Meanwhile, odds are Sandoval is a trial balloon

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  15. That’s quite a potpourri of experiences you had today. But what should we expect in a world where Donald Trump can get support from the very groups he disparages? See? I managed to blame him again. It’s just too easy.

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  16. How fun was that video? Surreal. Fits in perfectly with the Metro system being “awarded” best in the nation…

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  17. The DC metro system has been a mess for a long time, both the buses and the subway. I remember having to take those buses home from downtown to Maryland, usually standing room only, and always seriously overheated. As for the subway, I was there when it was built – my ex worked on it. I remember the day during construction that the subway collapsed and flooded, and several workers were killed. My ex was ok (although very, very muddy, to the point that I didn’t even recognize him), but the guy working next to him had been washed away.

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    • Oh my! I didn’t know that part of the history!

      Now the extended lines have problems often twice a week. My poor colleagues are often stuck, stranded. It’s unreliable. I couldn’t possibly depend on Metro with my GI probs!


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