From the poorly edukated

In case you were busy rerunning Thursday night’s GOP debate and missed this.  


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57 responses to “From the poorly edukated

  1. ahhh lol!! Hadn’t seen this, thanks for sharing!!


  2. Every single day I am more terrified. That however, that was funny.

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    • I know — me too. I remember fondly when we all just laughed at Trump because, really, what are the chances he’ll be the nominee? And now that he will likely be the nominee, people are still underestimating him. Scary scary scary.


  3. Dana

    Apparently, Chris Christie is quite poorly educated!

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  4. I recently had a brief exchange about politics with an acquaintance at the YMCA, he being very conservative. Also religious, because his workout tee announces it. We are both aware of our respective political leanings because he reads my occasional letter to the editor. He asked me how I was tending so far and I told him Hillary, because I didn’t think Bernie was electable. How about you? I asked. Trump. Trump all the way!

    I was somewhat taken aback, thinking that The Donald ought not appeal to the religious right so much, what with his foul language, personal attacks, three marriages, arrogance, and adherence to the rules of greed. Wrong.

    In a brief follow-up he made clear that immigration was the driving factor in his choice. Illegal immigrants and migrants are taking our jobs, he said. When I suggested that Americans might not be interested in menial jobs like field work and chicken processing, he said “Then let ’em starve. They need to learn to come up the hard way like you and I did!”

    It’s looking like he just might get his wish. Ouch. What I see on the horizan in Trump Wurld is nothing less than isolationism (thus, how Mexico pays for the Wall). When global jobs come back to Amerika, the landscape is likely to start looking like Cuber. OMG.

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  5. I heard him say it the first time and couldn’t believe it. Next time he will tell us the ho’s and crackheads love him. Next week is another week of wonder.

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  6. Great clip, Elyse. Each day I get a little more scared. And horrified.

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  7. It’s tiresome enough to be told that Jesus loves me. Now I keep hearing that Trump loves me. I guess I need to get an edukation.

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  8. Laughing and crying all at once…thank goodness for the laughs is all I can say.

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  9. Laugh all you want, funny girl. We are DOOMED.

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  10. Thank you for bringing this clip to my attention. I would hated to have missed it completely!

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  11. Of course I didn’t watch the debate, thus proclaim a perfect record. Meanwhile, Donald remains the King of Teflon.

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  12. Paul

    Bwahaha! That is hilarious Elyse.

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