Two Things

Throughout that grueling 90 minutes, this was all I could think of as I watched that creep loom over Hillary Clinton and threaten her both with jail and with his constant lurking behind her.  Creepy.

Dial M For Murder (Google Image)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M For Murder (Google Image)


Spoiler Alert:  Grace Kelly survived.

So did Hillary.

And I’m starting to think even Melania is gonna vote for Hillary.  Did you hear about what she wore to the debate last night?

I got the picture indirectly from Huffington

I got the picture indirectly from Huffington  I personally couldn’t afford this blouse because it is truly priceless. 😉


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35 responses to “Two Things

  1. OMG. Please tell me this is true. About the blouse. I’m not sure I can believe anything else that’s happening.

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  2. I think using Michelle Obama’s words in her speech and wearing that blouse are Melania’s passive aggressive ways of thumbing her nose at her husband. He probably bugs her as much as he bugs everyone else. 🙂

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  3. When I watched Sniffy McSniffypants practically stalking Hillary, all I could think of was the music from “Jaws.”

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  4. The only good thing about the debate was I don’t think a single person who wasn’t already a Donald Trump supporter will have been converted to his cause by his malevolent and snarling performance.

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  5. What about the way Trump kept whining t0 the moderators that they were tougher on him than Hillary – reminded me of a little kid complaining to his parents: How come you like her best?

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    • Hi Gail — this comment was stuck in spam which I almost never check except that today I was told that my comment on two different blogs ended up there.

      Anyway, since you wrote this comment, Trump has only gotten worse. Doubling down on his nastiness and showing what a LOSER he really is. What a turd.

      Oh and I like her best because I think she’ll be a good president. And he is a turd 😉 .

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  6. crazy from beginning to end, why I’m sticking with the 3 year olds, they make more sense ) great post –

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  7. I keep saying it… those people have no sense of irony… or ironing… because they have people to do that for them…

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  8. I never felt like swallowing cyanide after a presidential debate. Until last night.

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  9. I’m sure it’s very distracting to try to talk and make sense while wondering whether that big angry man behind you is going to punch you in the back of your head.
    And I’m not sure Melania deserves credit for intentionally wearing that blouse as a hidden protest.

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  10. Deb

    There was so much I wanted to say this morning, I even started a blog post, then just gave up because all of it is being said by others, because I am so very near packing up and getting out of Dodge and this craziness, because all of my worst nightmares about this shitty society have become a real thing since Donald Trump and President have been spoken in the same sentence, and because I am literally just tired of all of it.

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  11. It is sad we have sunk this low~

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  12. If Trump had a bank balance similar to mine, I have a feeling Melania would be married to a much younger man.

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  13. Trump’s movements about the stage were so strange. I never really saw it as sinister or creepy (though in hindsight it was rather creepy), but at the time I just saw it as his completely misunderstanding what a town meeting-style debate really is about. You’re supposed to move close to the questioner and try to interact with them. But Trump, well, just moved around even when it wasn’t his turn to speak.

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  14. Sorry, you know I’m a big fan of your tags, but this time around one of your tags just does not belong. Humor is the odd man out (all puns intended). The rest of the tags are just the tip of the iceberg, and are a good start for all the things I’d like to be screaming into the Universe at this deplorable insanity. Yes, I said deplorable. And meant it. I’ll suppose I’ll concede that humor can stay, if you can convince me you’re smiling. I’m not.

    Well, maybe a little. The blouse was an oh-so-perfect choice.Who would have believed we’d actually be considering her to be the smart one?

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