And As the Day Surely Follows Night …


Because obviously nothing is more important than guns.  Certainly not people.  Especially if they disagree with you.

Photo credit and my friend Bao who sent it to me.

Photo credit and my friend Bao who sent it to me.



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47 responses to “And As the Day Surely Follows Night …

  1. Not that anyone is actually talking about changing the blasted (pun intended) 2nd Amendment, but I heard a great comeback to people who say, “You can’t change the 2nd Amendment!”

    Get ready…”Well, apparently you don’t understand the definition of the word ‘amendment.’ Perhaps you need a thesaurus. Don’t know what that is either? Okay. Here’s a dictionary.”

    Hey, Elyse, nothing prohibits me from arming myself with witty comebacks, right? That’s covered in the 1st Amendment and 1st beats 2nd every time…but maybe not this time. I’m scratching more than my head these days.

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  2. there is nothing worse than a gun in the hands of an idiot with a cause…

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  3. Trump claims he was referring to the right to vote against Hillary. I don’t get it. Does he even know what the second amendment is?

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  4. I was driving down he road, listening to NPR, when I heard Trump’s 2nd Amendment-Hillary-Fix. The broadcast was live, without the benefit of seeing his face or the crowd, or hearing pundits dissect it. An at the very second he said it, I grabbed the steering wheel, gasping, “No….no…no one in that position should suggest the competition should be shot.” Later I heard his camp try to explain it away, but I have no doubt about the callous, insidious, evil he was suggesting. I didn’t misinterpret what I heard. I disagree with Scott, I don’t think this is the election cycle that should be named, “Let’s pretend this never happened.” I for one will be working toward…”An inexperienced, unqualified candidate not be presented to the American voters in the future”

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    • As my dad would have said, I wonder what this apologists are smoking because it was as clear to me as it was to you. That was a call for assassination. Just like Netanyahoo did with Rabin in Israel. Horrible, horrible fascist bastard has done a huge amount of damage already.


  5. If this election cycle had a name it would be “Let’s pretend this never happened.”

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  6. Elyse, Elyse, Elyse!! I am a quivering ball of rage and incredulity over here in Europe. Do something!! ;-). Yeah. The effing guns. The way these people bestow anthropomorphic characteristics on their weapons is, quite frankly, mind-boggling. They love their guns more than their kids (otherwise you’d have ’em locked up, wouldn’t you?). They love their guns more than their spouses (who are 5x more likely to be killed with them). They love them more than thy neighbour (who they’re likely to shoot in an altercation over the backyard fence). They love their guns more than country, family, home. I am all in favour of strict gun regulations, but not abolishment of the 2A. But….sometimes when I read the practically pornographic way people talk about their GUNS….and it makes me want to confiscate every gun from the AK47 to the hot glue and watch them burn.

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  7. Paul

    Yikes! You’re having fun with those comment inserts I can see. ha! Too funny.

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  8. I read something today that made an interesting point. This whole “the Dems want your guns! the Dems want to do away with the 2nd amendment” narrative is based on the fact that the Dems want to reverse Heller — a misbegotten Supreme Court decision if there ever was one. But the interesting thing is that reversing Heller doesn’t mean the 2nd Amendment is repealed or that your have to give up your guns. All it means is that we go back to the state of the law that existed before Heller — for more than 230+ years.

    Seriously, I’ve read Heller so many times and it is stunning how wrong the majority decision is. Kind of like Citizens United. Both decisions are shining examples of conservative judicial activism run amuck. They are the conservative versions of Roe v. Wade. (And just to be clear, while I am pro-choice, I can acknowledge that Roe isn’t exactly a rock solid example of jurisprudence.)

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    • Scalia, I think, wrote both opinions. What a terrible justice he was.

      I’d certainly be willing to go back to the previous law. It would be interesting to look at the gun violence statistics, wouldn’t it. Of course, I’d be willing to do anything that might help stop random killing, accidental shootings and the craziness that comes to people who think they are invincible because they have a f’ing gun.

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  9. aFrankAngle

    Of course the NRA is going to donate a lot on money to the Trump campaign … that was very predictable. Then again, Obama was also in the process of stripping the Second Amendment by doing nothing against it.

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  10. I just can’t “like” this one, Elyse. But I sure do agree with you.

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  11. Next thing you know, he’ll be proposing a return to slavery.

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  12. And as always, I think he can’t say anything worse than he already has. And then he does. Sigh.

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  13. I’m constantly amazed at how his supporters can try to justify everything he says. He could personally murder Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan still wouldn’t withdraw his endorsement.

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    • Remember the absent husband without a spine on SNL years ago? That’s my impression of Ryan. Totally spineless. In fact, I should write to SNL…

      There will be violence by one or more of Trump’s supporters, i predict (along with many other folks). And then, like when Rabin was assassinated by Netanyaho’s follower, Trump will plead innocence when he might as well have the weapon in his hand.

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  14. There just isn’t any way to hit “like” on this. WordPress needs a button that says “I just threw up in my mouth a little bit”

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