This is Reassuring?

Relax, everybody.  Nothing’s gonna change.  You see, the Congress is on it.

Well, that was the message that failed presidential candidate-turned Donald Trump spokesmouth said, anyway.  In Cairo.  To live humans there.

Lindsey Graham in Cairo

AP Image

Yup.  Senator Graham was trying to reassure folks in the Middle East that Congress would continue to play a primary role in foreign policy, “regardless of what Mr. Trump says or does.”

“The Congress is going to be around no matter who is president,” Graham told reporters after meeting with Egyptian President Abdel-Fatah el-Sissi as part of a Republican congressional delegation touring the Middle East.

“All of us, regardless of what Mr. Trump says or does, we are going to keep being who we are, so don’t let the political scenes at home get you too upset,” Graham said.

Lindsay Graham Meme

I found this a long time ago.  I’m sure it was through Google.  And the attribution is right there on the left.  Or his right.  Lindsey’s that is.

I feel sooooooooo much better knowing that Trump is the leading candidate to have his finger near the button.  Because Congress will be there, doing the very same shit they have done to screw up the country for decades.

Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

Personally, I would have been more reassured if Senator Graham had gone to Middle Earth and spoken about Orcs.





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29 responses to “This is Reassuring?

  1. Honestly? I’m not sure I’d trust Lindsey Graham even talking to Orcs…

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  2. Can you imagine? Congress suddenly has a pseudo Republican in the White House, now they have to decide whether to play nice or continue with their bad behavior.

    I am so confused.

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  3. I might go live in Trent’s basement in Canada if Trump wins…

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  4. I’m just not sure how much more I can take of these morons. I live right outside DC and always hopeful I will run into one of the Idiots du Jour at the grocery or something so I can tell them what thinking people think. About them.


    • I’m in NoVA, and I feel the exact same way. Except when I just want to push them in front of something! Every election/silly season it seems to get worse!


  5. I don’t often agree with Senator Graham, but in case we do get President Trump, having a do-nothing and obstructionist Congress would indeed be a good thing.

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    • Unless they start doing things like dissolving all our treaties. yay Tom Cotton.


      • The president can dissolve treaties? Um, maybe, but I’m not sure. But I did find that a lot of agreements we have with other countries are executive actions and not treaties, and it makes sense that a president Trump could cancel those. But when all’s said and done, the biggest danger is that the desk in the White House has only one controller that yields immediate video-game satisfaction: war. DOD


        • They can’t dissolve treaties, although if you remember when the Iran deal was nearing the end stages in the negotiation, the GOP led by Tom Cotton sent a letter stating that they would dissolve it. And just because something is illegal, unconstitutional, or merely stupid, doesn’t mean they won’t do it!

          And yeah. I think we all need to know if the Donald plays video games. Because that would not be a good thing.


  6. I notice in the picture, that one Egyptian leader is getting a good laugh at him.

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  7. Paul

    Who let these guys out of their cages and how did they get to Egypt?

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  8. I think we need to find the One Ring and assign Graham and McCain the roles of Frodo and Samwise to take it to Mordor. That might get them out of our hair for a bit.

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  9. It’s getting scarier every day, isn’t it? At first this whole farce made for entertaining, but unrealistic news. Now we’re past that and it’s downright frightening.

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  10. Make it stop! Please.

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