What?? You Thought I Wouldn’t Post This?


Happy April Fool’s Day.

I loved this ad.  But it’s not a product I’d ever buy.  Me, I’m a Charmin Girl.


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42 responses to “What?? You Thought I Wouldn’t Post This?

  1. Dana

    Yes, you are charming, Elyse! 🙂 The extra virgin birch made me snort!

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  2. Made me clench just watching it. The woman’s face in the end was priceless.

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  3. Love it! Artisanal everything is so popular these days, it wouldn’t surprise me. The perfect thing to have on the TP roller in your rustic outhouse. Here is one of my favorite toilet products; this girl cracks me up and the product, believe it or not, is REAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKLnhuzh9uY

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    • How funny! I actually came across that ad once when I was looking for a YouTube video. I thought it was so funny that I had to post it, but now can’t find the post. In my own personal bathroom, I have a spray bottle of POOTIN, with a picture of Vlad on it — it serves the same purpose and the stuff really does work.

      Nice of you to follow, Joan. I look forward to getting to know you!

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  4. Ouch, I would be exactly like the woman sitting tenderly on the couch. The kids expression is priceless. I have to say I enjoyed some of the ones in the comments as well.


  5. I love that kid’s face in the video, that’s priceless. Never seen this ad before, but it’s kind of genius. I’m sure someone somewhere believed it, and possibly even rushed out to the nearest shopping mall…

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  6. Thank you for being Elyse today (well, yesterday). U iz fun-e

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  7. Only you!!! That was hilarious! Plumbers must be thrilled with this!

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  8. Paul

    Ha! love the commercial Elyse. Too funny. I stopped paying much attention to TP when I no longer used it on my ass, being a colostomy sort of guy. The new 5-ply super soft TP is a waste of product on me. 🙂

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  9. I’ll bet it’s too expensive. Then I’ll get out in the backyard with my axe and make my own.

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  10. Deb

    The term anal dermabrasion comes to mind…do it yourself hemorrhoid removal maybe?

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  11. For those who like their TP extra scratchy. Too funny. Happy April Fools Day.

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  12. Now you’ve got me feeling, ah, rather porous. Maybe the corncob will make a reappearance? 😳

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  13. Ha, I can always count on you for toilet-related news, Elyse.

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  14. Oh, I’ll have to add this to my grocery list. 😉

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