A serious political piece.

Isn’t it funny how when you’re procrastinating about doing something, you get just the right push from behind to do it.  Or maybe in this case, the push came more from the Right.  Regardless.  It’s time.

I need to do a serious political post.

Earlier today, I got a comment on an old-ish post I wrote about Trump — It’s Just Not Funny Any More.   Zen Hiker wrote:

I have been amazed at all of the people who say they would never vote for Trump (for whatever reason) still rabidly follow and will vote for Hillary. And this is after everything that she has done, beginning with demonizing the women who accused her husband of sexual improprieties. Now I know that some of you on the left will start with the “He’s a sexist” etc. nonsense, but if you are truly honest with yourselves, you will admit that Hillary is no better than Trump and to continue the attack that he is running a hate filled campaign is just intellectually dishonest. Also, to say that Trump followers are uniformed and blindly follow him, what about (some) Hillary supporters? The bottom line is this-both sides are filled with people who blindly follow their candidate. Both sides have supporters who are not truly informed. And to those of you on the left and extreme left-Please get the idea that just because people don’t agree with every word you say it doesn’t make them a sexist, homophobe, islamaphobe etc. People just disagree with you. That is the beauty of the 1st amendment. I don’t have to agree with you. BTW-I am pretty much a Libertarian these days based on the fact that both of the candidates are not worth my vote.

There are two parts to the answer.  Why I’m voting FOR Hillary, and Why I would NEVER, EVER, EVER vote for Trump.

Why I’m voting FOR Hillary

I will admit, I came about my regard for Hillary slowly.  Still, I have never truly understood the hatred so many people feel towards her.  I disagree with some of the positions she’s taken (Iraq, for example).  But she is smart, thoughtful, and she can change her mind.

She’s a Democrat, as am I.  We both believe in using government for public purposes.  That folks shouldn’t be left just on their own.  That we as a society has responsibilities to children, to the poor, to the disabled.  That a civilized society takes care of the less fortunate among us.

Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime studying law and government, and public service has truly been her life.  She has brokered international agreements — fostered peace.  Brought different sides together across the world, and across the aisle as a Senator.  She is the type of public servant, in fact, that makes me hearken back to the old days, before Ronald Reagan created the scorn for government service with his “The Government IS the Problem” comment.  We need thoughtful, smart people to work in government as a calling.  Hillary Clinton has met that call admirably.  I have no doubt she will continue to do so.

She is imperfect.  She makes mistakes.  But she is strong, thinks problems through, makes decisions based on facts; she doesn’t shoot from the hip.  Government decisions can be made over a long process, or they can be required in an instant.  She is suited to making decisions either way — in part because she has spent a lifetime learning.

I am someone who understands government — I’ve worked with it and watched just how difficult it is to pass legislation (and how an ability to compromise is vital).  I know how complex  the regulation of the hundreds of industries that do business in the US is — regulations that keep all of us every single day of our lives whether by the standards set for food, safety standards for machinery in factories, or standards for airplanes and trains.

I want somebody as president who is smart and understands how to examine a problem, analyze it, look at options and come up with solutions based on reality.  Someone who makes decisions based on science, or engineering, or whatever is necessary for that particular problem.

I recently discovered the blog of an old friend of mine, where she was challenged to find the reasons to vote FOR Hillary, instead of just voting AGAINST Trump.  She started a blog and lists one reason she’s FOR Hillary every day.


As I scrolled through her blog, I realized that my old friend had made this post significantly easier, since Karen listed many of the same reasons I am supporting Hillary.

Karen has various post that illustrate and provide references for other reasons she has for voting FOR Hillary.  They include post elaborating on how Hillary Clinton has worked hard and effectively for her beliefs — particularly those geared toward children.  She has unceasingly promoted healthcare and education for children, particularly those in need due to poverty and/or disability.  She has an even temperament — it’s highly unlikely that foreign sailors flipping the bird at US sailors would result in a war, for example.  She has shown grace under pressure — whether that be sexism, political harassment (can you say Benghazi?) or what I believe is a lack of balance in comparing anything Hillary does to anything someone else does (the discrepancy in the way the Clinton and Trump Foundations are viewed makes me wonder how I have any hair left on my head).

The list of Hillary Clinton’s admirable traits is long.  It’s just that few of us bother to re-familiarize ourselves with them.  And we keep hearing nothing but the negative in the press.

I was originally against Hillary Clinton for the simple (and prescient) reason that I didn’t want to rehash the same damn scandals all over again, not because I didn’t like her or her policies.  I just had to re-look at her policies, and how she decided upon them.  I’ve been doing that for a year now.

Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate, for sure.  But which candidate isn’t?  Certainly no one running today.

Why I would NEVER, EVER, EVER vote for Trump

In the late 1980s, the news that Trump was stiffing contractors at his NJ casinos hit the news just as my friend Elizabeth was visiting John and I.  It turned out that Elizabeth’s father was one of the cheated contractors.  He had worked at the casino nearly exclusively for more than a year.  I learned early on that “trust” was unlikely to be a word I’d use in connection with a man who would do that.

I could recite a litany of the horrible, dishonorable things that Donald Trump has done.  In fact, I’ve written dozens of posts about him.

Even if I didn’t think he was:

  • A bigot (I do think he’s a bigot),
  • A liar (I do think he’s a liar)
  • A cheat (ditto)
  • A fraud (uh huh)
  • A sexist (as sure as he breathes)
  • Willing to say anything that pops into his little head (ditto)
  • A coward and a bully (oh yeah, he is that alright)
  • A con man (no doubt in my mind)
  • A crook who feeds on people who can least afford to believe him (hey, get your degree at Trump University!
  • So thin skinned that a slight by a foreign leader or even a foreign sailor might mean a war .

Even if I liked his “ideas” (can they really be called ideas if there is no meat on the bones?), even if I agreed with everything he claims to believe, I would be against Donald Trump.

Trump hasn’t got a single iota of experience in government or public service.  Not a shred.  I don’t believe that one should get their feet wet with government experience by running the country.

Trump’s knowledge and understanding of laws and government and regulation consists entirely of circumventing it.  We are a nation of laws.  Anybody who thinks this con-man is going to follow our laws and the constitution (which I believe, like Mr. Khan that he hasn’t read or at least hasn’t understood), is a fool.

Electing Donald Trump would beg the question:  If we are not following our laws and our constitution, are we still Americans?

Moreover, Trump has no interest in learning anything.  He doesn’t think he needs to learn any more — doesn’t need to listen to the generals, for example.  Well, you know what?  Donald Trump is not an expert in anything.  If, god help us, he becomes president, he cannot do everything alone.  He needs to understand the importance and value of the experts who have spent their lives studying their specialties.

What about 3rd Party Candidates?

I voted for John Anderson in 1980.  I’m responsible for inflicting Ronald Reagan on all of us.  I will be sorry until I die, believe me.


Seemed like a good idea at the time.  Sorry world.  Very sorry.  (Google Image, of course)

Ask anybody who voted for Ralph Nader in 2000.

Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be elected President of the United States in 2016.  If you look at history, you can see that third party candidates don’t get elected.  Ever.  There is ZERO chance that Gary Johnson or Jill Stein will get elected.  Sorry, but it’s a combination of history and math and common sense.  Ain’t gonna happen, no matter how many stars you wish upon.

Maybe some day, a third party candidate will have a chance.  But this is not the election where that will happen.  More importantly, votes for either will count towards Donald Trump.

Elections Matter.  Choose wisely.


If you don’t know where this image came from, you are an alien and Donald Trump will have somebody eat your intestines.


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42 responses to “A serious political piece.

  1. “Moreover, Trump has no interest in learning anything. He doesn’t think he needs to learn any more — doesn’t need to listen to the generals, for example. Well, you know what? Donald Trump is not an expert in anything. If, god help us, he becomes president, he cannot do everything alone. He needs to understand the importance and value of the experts who have spent their lives studying their specialties.” ….i think that is the point that annoys me the most…his sincere arrogance….Obama was a genius but still had folks on his team who were smarter…not did that stifle his intrepid capabilities to come out with guns blazing on certain topics like Trump: short order yes. I am sure Obama is looking back on his tenure in light of Trump’s crude management and is thinking “yo..is that legal?”

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  2. I’m glad you will keep your intestines, Trend! I loved that movie …

    I’m more hopeful that sanity will prevail — and this evening I will be making calls for Hillary. Fingers crossed.


  3. Last Crusade… this fan never forgets.

    I thought I saw this post on the reader just as I was about to get called for boarding on a plane. Didn’t have time to read it, and have been so busy of late… but knew I’d come back to it. Thanks for this. It honestly makes me feel better about your country to know that there is some rational thought out there, and some consideration. In this day and age, it seems like the crazy zealots are getting all the headlines, as though this really is a movie and the more extreme the views, the more okay it is… as though it’s expected, and we can rationalize any kind of behaviour now. Feels so wrong to me, but I’m glad that people refute this type of thing. I’m hoping some measure of calmness prevails, and that you guys have an election that doesn’t plummet your country (and likely ours) on a fast spin down the global toilet.


  4. Pingback: Yearning For The RINOs of Yore | Snakes in the Grass

  5. I’m voting FOR Senator Clinton because I believe she is qualified and will move the country forward in a positive direction under today’s and tomorrow’s challenging circumstances.

    I’m very concerned about all the people who tell me that they are not voting because they hate both candidates. If there was ever a need for an antidote for voter apathy, now is the time!

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  6. Right… but not having Trump end up in charge is a crisis of our time no matter what your motives… I mean a crisis if he wins.

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  7. cooper

    I’m voting for Mr. Haney down at the feed store….

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  8. The hatred of Hillary stems from the root of her getting “out of her place” as a woman when she developed her healthcare plan when she was First Lady (she was supposed to stick to picking new china for the WH). Don’t you remember how rabid Congress became over her “uppityness”? Then when they couldn’t impeach President Clinton, that made them even madder, and both the Clintons became the bullseye on the center of the conservative target. Every time the Clintons slipped through the Conservative conspiracy trap, they–collectively and individually–were hated even more.

    You wrote a great post. It is very informative and I hope it is read by tons of people. We need this clarity and truth on the political scene.


    • Yes, I do remember that. And wasn’t there a problem that she’d kept her maiden name. And of course the cookies … All of which are good for 5+ years of scorn. Right?

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      • Yep, keeping her maiden name made the Conservative Evangelicals throw up in their mouths. Remember who led the charge against her: Phyllis Schlafly. This woman was convince Hillary was the devil’s spawn and spent a lot of time, energy, and money convincing Evangelical women of that lie.

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  9. A really great post, Elyse. You may have re-lit a match under my tushy to get me motivated to finish a draft that I started on the same topic last week. The weekend poll results in battleground states sort of took the wind out of my sails.

    What galls me more than anything is the complete transparency in Trump’s lack of interest in anything detailed or historically-oriented. I’m glad you mentioned this. He makes 1988 candidate VP Dan Quayle look and sound like Albert Einstein in comparison.

    I too voted for John Anderson in 1980 and I have no regrets. I’ve also come to respect Ronald Reagan so much more after watching Trump over the last year — funny that.

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  10. mercyn620

    Such a shame so many people hate Hillary. Her enemies have done an amazing job (unfortunately) bashing her for over 25 years. People believe the hype and negativity. I hope she is elected and, in spite of and despite the yelling and screaming of Hilary haters, does a great job.

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  11. “Trump hasn’t got a single iota of experience in government or public service. Not a shred.” Correct. He has experience in business, with a track record of bankruptcies, failures, and fraud. His business experience also includes racial discrimination. He has no record of supporting gender equality or family-friendly policies within his businesses. His campaign organization pays women less than it pays men. His companies are not union-friendly. If people want to vote for him because he’s a successful businessman, they have not done their homework.

    And so on. Of course, I agree with you.

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    • Thanks, Melanie. About the business practices — HE CHEATS EVERYBODY. But I loved Bill Clinton’s line: “Most of her strongest supporters have either worked for her or done business with him.” How can people claim he’s a great businessman????????? Makes me crazy.


  12. A nice summation, Elyse. You know, it occurs to me that DT likely knows almost nothing about history, neither American nor World history. Wouldn’t it be nice if Lester Holt would construct some of his questions in the upcoming debate so that the answers would require such understanding? Example: “How, in your opinion, does 9/11 differ from Pearl Harbor?” Or, perhaps, “What do you think history has to tell us about income inequality and the roles of government and social activism? Is income inequality something new?”

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    • Those would be brilliant questions. The answers, of course, by Trump will be: “The Greatest Generation defeated the Japs and the Krauts. That’s when America was Great. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.” Sigh.

      Although, I would love, love, love to see your second question. You should submit it!

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  13. I don’t understand why so many people HATE Hilary. (I’ve asked. The answers have been inane.) I believe that it’s sexist. She is the most qualified candidate we’ve had in years. The broad span of her experience alone is unmatched. People have to vote for the PLATFORM they align with. You don’t have to “like” someone to vote for them. Trust me you’re not going to go out for drinks or dinner with them. You have to believe that they will do a good job working on principles you believe in. The concept of voting against someone never made sense to me nor does throwing away a vote on a candidate that stands no chance. (I’ve forgiven you Elyse!)

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    • Thanks, Kate. I learned my lesson in 1980 but still wish I and others hadn’t given Reagan the presidency. ;( I appreciate your forgiveness, though.

      And you’re right that it is the platform people need to look at. At least on the Democratic side. Remember Trump paid little attention to the GOP platform except for the Russian business provisions ….

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  14. Well said. I honestly do not understand how anyone can compare a hate-inciting, narcissist to Hillary Clinton. Does anyone remember how well-liked she was in the Senate, and how she worked with people on both sides of the aisle? Compare that to DT, who doesn’t even have the support of his own party. He is a bully and a bigot and sexist–and all the rest of the things you mentioned. Yeah, I’ll stop there. It’s very scary though.

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  15. I agree with your pro-Hillary Clinton points and also your anti-Donald Trump ones. I’m amazed and frankly terrified that things are still as close as they are in this election. 😦

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  16. I’m voting for Hillary very reluctantly, but the alternative is too chilling to allow for any other choices.

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  17. Too bad I can’t vote as a neighbour. It is still nerve wrecking watching how the competition between two parties unfold. I support Hillary. She isn’t perfect but I think I trust her more than Trump. Let’s hope for the best for the coming election in America.

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  18. Voting for Clinton or voting against Trump? Well, they both sound like great options – and I don’t even have to pick one!

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  19. It seems to me like this IS the year for a 3rd party candidate. Unfortunately, the 3rd party crowd did not get the memo, and put up some weak candidates.

    But I agree, that there are many reasons to vote for Hillary. There are few reasons to vote for Donald. So I’m with you, on this one.

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  20. Paul

    Very detailed and convincing Elyse – from an outside perspective.

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  21. I will vote for Hillary because she is a combination of intelligence and prudence.
    I will never for for Donald because he is a combination of stupidity and complete recklessness.

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