Jerks with Joysticks

Yes, I did watch some of it.  Last night’s GOP debate.

Oh Look! They're Circling the Circus Wagons! NYTimes Image

Oh Look! They’re Circling the Circus Wagons! NY Times Image

I actually watched as these clowns stroked themselves and postured about who was more willing to kill innocent men women and children.

These men (sorry, Carly, but you’re not ready for prime time) are revolting.  Jerks with Joysticks, fondling themselves while they play at war.

Only it’s not a game.  And all their fear-mongering does is breed more fear.  Well and hatred.  It breeds that too.  It’s a two-fer!

Elections matter.



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34 responses to “Jerks with Joysticks

  1. Do any of them know how out of touch they come off?

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  2. My favorite part was when they had a split screen and on one side, a candidate would say bad things about Donald Trump and other other side you’d see Trump’s face contorting and scrunching up. His eyeballs would roll around in his head and he looked like he was in agony.

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  3. Like a moth to a flame, like a heroin addict to the spoon, like … well … I think you get the picture … I keep watching. Last night’s debate was the most disgusting display I have ever seen in my 30+ years of being fascinated by American politics. As you rightly highlight … they see nothing wrong with killing innocent women in children to show how tough they will be in the unwinnable “War on Terror.” Never realizing that their words are food for the soul of the terrorists they wish to defeat. Just stunning, their stupidity and lack of humanity.

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  4. Fear mongering is exactly what it is, well said! I can’t bear to watch those debates- I saw the first couple, but now I just can’t watch it anymore.

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  5. Oh no, I keep missing these debates! But I’m just so busy with stealing American jobs, taking away people’s guns, and corrupting the country with godless liberal agenda!

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  6. I watched the first 2 and I’m still in recovery…. HORRIBLE!

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  7. Oh, you brave soul! I watched all of the first debate, about half of the second, checked in and out of numbers three and four. Last night I couldn’t force myself to even tune in. The horror of having our leaders discuss their willingness to carpet bomb civilians is almost more than I can stand.
    If I were a young Muslim, I’d be so turned off and appalled that I might just sympathize with those who claim that America wants to kill all Muslims.

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    • I decided that was my last viewing. It was too painful to watch the insincere platitudes. I can see the highlights on the news the next day, and even that’s more than my stomach can probably handle.

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      • I really think it is important if I’m going to comment on these guys, that I view some of it first hand. But this was so revolting. So twisted. So beyond the pale, well I don’t think I can stomach any more.


    • Yes!!! Exactly. Americans go along with Donald Trump — ergo … Horrible. I will admit, I couldn’t watch much and my overwhelming impression was that of watching teenagers with an X-box. The evil just didn’t occur to them, let alone phase them.


  8. Political primaries invite this sort of adversarial posturing. I understand even the founders feared political parties for just this reason. It’s a perverse system in that each party must differentiate itself from its foe, but in doing so it is tempted to slander the opposition so badly that compromise in government becomes untenable. Add fear and resentment and this is what we get. What happened in Germany in the 1930’s is starting to happen here. Demagogues thrive in this environment. President Obama has his eye on the horizon, but the ground is shifting under his feet. Discouraging is what it is.

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  9. Glazed

    I found this post when I looked up the tag, “Being an Asshole”. Great post. I watched the debate long enough to observe Jeb actually being somewhat strong and compassionate, while standing up to Trump. Surprised me. But over time my stomach got the wambles and I had to shut it off. They all sicken me. Carly is the scariest one of all, in my view. Not her rhetoric, which comes across as uninspiring and insipid to me. She just looks scary with her dour face and odd tone of voice. I think she could be cast in a horror movie.

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  10. Reruns are better than that. I’m still in shock about the whole thing.

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    • I don’t know when it went from being a huge joke to being reality. Where was that line drawn and why the hell did we cross it?

      One of my blogging buddies gives me a hard time about not watching these things, and to some extent he’s right. At least until I toss my cookies.

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  11. When you start to see headlines about the GOP looking seriously at Cruz b/c he’s more stable than Trump? Well, it’s time to look at extending your contract abroad….

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