For Planning Purposes

Tomorrow will be a day of mourning for many of us, as we head into who knows what is to come.

It is time for the peaceful opposition to start in earnest.

There will be protests and marches to join, petitions to sign, letters to write and calls to make.  We must keep it up.

But here is one of my favorite tactics —

Deny Putin’s President the ratings he so desires!

It’s not enough to not watch the inauguration.

You must actively turn on your TV to something else.*

Me, I plan to turn mine on to Comedy Central, home of oh so many left wing folks.

[You can also set your DVR to another channel, but the way ratings work, you must watch the recording the same day or the ratings are shown for the day you watch, rather than the day you record. ]

Of course, this is not all I plan to do as one member of the Loyal Opposition.  It isn’t all I will suggest/bug/pester you into doing over the years, either.

But it is going to be hard to do anything else on January 20, 2017 through the tears we’ll all be shedding.


For those of you planning to attend the Women’s March in Washington, DC on Saturday, January 21, here is some important information for you:

Where to Use the Bathroom, Charge Your Phone, and Warm Up During the Women’s March


For those of you who want some ideas of how to help, or need to get some comfort from the fact that there ARE and WILL BE things to do, here’s some ideas.

We’re all gonna be busy.

* Thanks to Karen for the idea.


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25 responses to “For Planning Purposes

  1. Where’s the dance-in? I’m in!

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  2. Just to be on the safe side, I stopped watching TV (except for Netflix and HBO apps) years ago.

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  3. Never give up you guys, keep fighting! I personally would rather stab myself in the face with a pen than watch that narcissistic, idiotic, self-serving pile of garbage address a nation about how amazing he is. BARF!

    Can’t believe he managed to wrangle up 10,000 poor bastards to watch him sing to 3 Doors Down. UGH.

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  4. I’ll watch it on Telemundo, where I’m sure the commentary will be delightful, if I could only understand the words.

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  5. I have a couple of errands to do tomorrow, and we’ll keep the teevee off until evening as we usually do. At that point, we usually go to Netflix to “curate” our own show list. On Saturday I’ll be marching in Des Moines.

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  6. Heard Trump is giving away inauguration tickets; I guess not enough people wanted to pay for them. Also heard there are 6X more busses incoming for the women’s march than the inauguration. Somebody’s about to get pussy-whipped. 🙂

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  7. I hate to poop on your suggestion, but it doesn’t really matter what we watch or what we don’t — unless you are currently a Nelson family and reporting what you are watching. The fact of the matter is that a select few influence television ratings at any given time. I worked in broadcasting for 16-years and we obsessed about ratings on a daily basis, so I’ve got a pretty good working knowledge of how it works. You can also look this up on Snopes.

    However, I heartily encourage people not to watch the Trump fiasco and, indeed, replace that with something calming, upbeat, or funny to help you get through the day.

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  8. My husband gets perverse pleasure out of the sh!t-show that is DJT. He calls it “great entertainment.”
    So, he’s watching the inauguration. That means I will be within earshot.
    Shoot me now.

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  9. What if they gave an inauguration and nobody came? I will be purposefully not watching TV on the 20th, and purposefully marching on the 21st.

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  10. I’m going to start drinking beer early tomorrow. That is, if I can even make it out of bed.

    Good of you to share that info about the Women’s March. I think it’s a great thing, and your info will be helpful.

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  11. You mean ignoring it won’t make it go away?

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