Oops. ;/

OK, so I’m quoting Rick Perry here.  I don’t often do that.

But I need to set the record straight.  I made a mistake.  I screwed up.  I led you astray.

Of course you read my last post.  That’s a given.

You did read it, didn’t you?

Well, in that post that you read but forgot, I suggested that during Putin’s President’s inauguration, that you deny Trump TV ratings by tuning your TV to another channel.

Ummmmm.  Well, perhaps I might have done some more checking.  Because I learned that I am wrong. It’s not true.  It’s an urban legend.  It doesn’t pass the snopes test:


So apparently we don’t have to worry about where our TVs are tuned during Putin’s President’s moment in the sun.  Errr rain...  That means, of course, that tomorrow we can all Tune Out.


Let’s make stuff stick!  Google image

Thanks to Jana of Stop Me If I Told You This who let me know that I had a Rick Perry moment.  As much as I dislike being wrong, I really appreciate being set straight!




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32 responses to “Oops. ;/

  1. I have been saying for months that I would rather have a root canal than watch that radioactive pile of orange sewage be inaugurated.

    I hadn’t seen a dentist in more years than I want to admit to. One of the things she mentioned was that I would need a root canal, and she doesn’t do them there. I would need an outside endontologist. I found out that it would cost me around $1000 😯 , and I can’t afford that, so I needed another alternative. I thought seriously about dental tourism (Costa Rica sounded good), but I don’t even have a passport. I need other work that will cost around $4000, so another thou is just not doable (like the first 4 thous is!). I needed an alternative, so i looked online. Nova University is an excellent school, and they have a dentistry college. I called and was told to fax (who the fuck has a fax these days? Good thing you can do that online) my dentist’s notes with my info. I did and didn’t hear from them. That was a couple of weeks ago. I went down there on Monday, because I am an idiot. It was MLK day, and the school was closed. I had a dentist appointment Thursday for a teeth cleaning (the thing that horrifies me the most, but it really wasn’t that horrible after all). I decided to drive down to the college when I got out, even though I was cutting it close. It was already 4:15, and it closed at 5. I got there at 4:55. I told one of the receptionists that I needed a root canal and had faxed the info.She couldn’t find me in the computer, but she sent me upstairs to talk to someone in endontology. I spoke to a lady there who found my paperwork. She asked if I wanted to come in at 10 a.m. or 1 in the afternoon. I said 1. She said, “Okay, see you tomorrow at 1.” Huh? The next day? 😯 How am I supposed to stock up on Xanax by then? I asked how much it would be, and she said $605. Still a lot, but less than a thou.

    So, I left my house at noon on Friday (dressed in all black) and got to my appointment at 1:00. And that’s the story of how I had my very first root canal instead of watching the radioactive pile of orange sewage get inaugurated.

    It took 2 1/2 hours (don’t believe the bullshit online that it only takes 30-60 minutes, 90 minutes on the outside). I had jaw surgery many years ago, and my jaw is a mess. It hurts to keep my mouth open for 5 minutes, let alone 2 1/2 hours. When I was done, I dribbled all over myself every time I took a sip of water. When the Novocain wore off, my tooth was killing me, my jaw was throbbing and I was exhausted just from the stress and my abject fear of dentists. I have to go back next Friday for part 2, which is supposed to take another 2 1/2 hours. And if you ask me if I would rather have a root canal every day for the next 4 years or have that shithead in office, I would choose the root canal in a heartbeat.

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    • Ouch. I am a denta-phobe, too. Scares me to death. And I too would prefer a root canal to trump. I’ve had a few. The first part was worse than the second part 😕. Can’t believe no lightening struck on Friday.


  2. I watched until tRump actually appeared… then changed the channel… to the history channel… to watch a Nazi documentary… or maybe I didn’t change the channel…

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  3. I didn’t need an urban legend to not watch … even refused to turn on the morning shows … settled on having Food Network on when necessary.

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  4. The clinic where I work has the televisions in the waiting room (which I pass through a dozen times a day) tuned to the inauguration. I asked the gals up front with the remote to change it to something else and they refused, asking me what my problem with Trump was. I let them know that my “problem”, amount many, was the fact that he treats women with disrespect and is rapey. One of the girls said, “Oh, you mean the pussy grabbing thing? Did you actually listen to that? He was just making fun of HIMSELF!”
    My jaw literally dropped — is she that stupid? Needless to say, I can’t go out for drinks with her after work anymore. It’s all I can hear when I look at her and my respect for her is now at zero.

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  5. It doesn’t matter if we watch or not. For all I know, Russian hackers might be preparing to hack Nielsen to get Trump a 99.6% rating.

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  6. I don’t have cable, so I’m good…or as good as I can be. Had insomnia for the first night in YEARS last night. I think I felt the collective angst of much of the world. When I managed to fall asleep for a couple of hours, I had a nightmare about everyone around me being shot with poison darts and dying almost instantly. This is all true. 😦

    I don’t know if I have enough audacity to hope that this won’t be as bad as it’s shaping up to be with his behavior during the campaign and since the election.

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  7. This is a great argument for giving up cable or satellite. The Boffin and I did a couple of years ago and have stuck to reading our news. It has done wonders for our mental health.

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    • I’m not far behind you actually. One of the repercussions of this election for me is that I’ve unplugged from the nightly network news. I still watch it occasionally, but since I’m already reading papers online, I’ve decided more is not necessarily healthy. Maybe at some point we’ll follow you completely. – Marty

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      • I understand you completely. We were not watching many shows either. The Boffin, my husband, just wanted it for the Formula One races. Once we found a way for him to see those, that was when we made the decision to cut the cord. We just make sure we keep a balance to what we are reading, e.g. The Wall Street Journal with the New York Times.

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  8. Thanks for setting the info straight, but don’t fret about it. We’re too busy to watch because we’re putting on our shoes and making our signs for the Women’s March the next day.

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  9. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower, never fail to make it right when an opportunity to do so comes!

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  11. Not to worry. I get things wrong more times than I care to remember. 🙂

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  12. Don’t worry, it’s impossible to be as ignorant as Rick Perry. He now admits the Energy Dept he once wanted to abolish really does do good things, and that he never realized this before he was nominated to be Energy Secretary. Sheesh!

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    • There are so many times when this is a good thing!

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      • I wonder if we will ever have an inauguration where the President takes the oath and elects not to do the celebrations. PoTUS can say, “I really don’t need all this hoopla. We don’t need to have celebs (self proclaimed or other)…I don’t need to eat lobster at my three course dinner when people are starving. I was hired to do a job…” This sounds preachy, but it is difficult to stomach when people on the streets are asking for you to buy them a *fcking* meal. They aren’t even asking for money. Off my soapbox now.

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  13. Deb

    We will never be able to say that Elyse spread false news on her blog. No made up content here, no sir, no how-no way. You are a fine example to all America Elyse. If I wasn’t caring for my granddaughters tomorrow I still would not be watching, but perhaps having a few (or more) cocktails while remembering the days that some big orange clown simply owned a few hotels versus having this new toy to play with called the USA.

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  14. It is true that only Nielsen’s affect ratings, but all of the cable companies do know who watches what and sometimes that information gets out. Consider it a hummingbird egg on your face, so not really much an egg at all.

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  15. We’re being promised full coverage of the event in Australia, which makes me cringe. I have absolutely no desire to watch the swearing in of someone who has never had and never will have, my respect or support. Netflix and Stan will be my standby if the weather is too hot or wet to be outdoors. I have a feeling that our bandwidth here will be swamped by the millions of Aussies who feel the same.

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    • Ugh. I can’t imagine tuning in. Unless of course I needed to vomit. Then, perhaps.

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      • I’d eat cow chips (or just about anything else that sounds really gross) to make me vomit, rather than turn on the TV and see the horror of tomorrow’s spectacle. If we’re going to have to live as witnesses to this debacle, we’ll all be feeling a bit queasy for a long time to come. Ugh.

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  16. I like that you set the record straight. Only Nielsen homes affect ratings. But on the other hand, turning off my TV will make ME feel a lot better.

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    • You’re right about that! I’ll feel better not tuning in, too.

      But I had to fess up; I don’t want to suggest people do things for a cause that won’t work or help or are just plain stupid.

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