We need the press to do more of this:


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39 responses to “Bravo

  1. One week in and I’m exhausted. It’s literally like taking care of a 3 year old. (I would have said 2 year old, but they’re not as verbal)

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  2. It’s a yuuuge challenge keeping track of the ‘tsunami of lies’ that rain down from his butthole-shaped mouth. Exhausting.

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  3. Well done by Jake …. and why the administration decided to go down that path is even more bizarre.

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  4. Glad Jake is speaking out, but Trump-ites will probably discredit him. They say crazy shit like that just to get it into people’s heads. It would be like my doctor calling to tell me my mammogram showed evidence of breast cancer, then calling back the next day to say it was a mistake. Even if it was a mistake, I’m paranoid now and can’t stop worrying about it. Get it? It’s a gimmick, a mind game, a way to introduce doubt into people’s brains.

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  5. Wow! You know, I’ve nearly tuned out news recently, given Trump’s tendency to manipulate by focusing our attention on trivial, distracting and blatantly false issues.

    Glad to see CNN continues to voice clear fact-based objections. But I sure hope we don’t get distracted from the more important, and controversial issues…

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    • It’s really hard not to just put my head under the covers and stay there until 2020. But we have to keep our eyes on these jokers. And I was really pleased to see Jake Tapper and CNN stand up to this BS. We’ll see how long it lasts!

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  6. If you had told me that Jake Tapper would be the first talking head on TV to call out Twitler, I would not have believed you. Kudos to him. The NY Times and WaPo started calling the walking orange cesspool the liar he is. I hope it’s the start of a trend. There are still far too many making excuses for him and his idiot spokes-ape Sean Spicer. Just because he didn’t fling feces at the reporters gathered in the press room, too many praised him for being professional and for saving the day. I watched and saw an asshole who called on reporters from papers friendly toward the orange festering sore and then ended with a whine worthy of Lucy when Ricky wouldn’t let her perform at the club. The bar is set so low for these assholes that it’s just a matter of time before everyone trips on it.

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    • “Twitler” — perfect. Just perfect.

      I’m not a big CNN fan in general, but I was really glad to see this. It’s as clear as a bell, and necessary. Because so many folks don’t read the NYT or the Post. We’ll see what happens. We’re only on Day 6. Jesus H. Christ.


  7. Hoo boy- one more grandiose thought. T. Has to let the American public, that there is no doubt that he won those almost 3 million votes that were proven to be the popular vote for Clinton. He simply can’t bear the thought that he is not the undisputed king- of everything. It just keeps getting worse day by day. He is already planning for 8 years in his running this kingdom (USA).

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  8. YES. I have been grateful for Jake Tapper for some time now.

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  9. These must have been alternative votes, cast by alternative people, in Trump’s alternative reality.

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  10. So crazy… I’ve been sick the last week and it’s shocking to come out of the haze to all of this. It’s going to be a tumultuous four years. I’m rarely political online, but I tweeted Trump this morning about the wall and Syria.

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  11. Obviously, Jake Tapper does not understand the power of alternative facts. Josef Goebbles did.

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  12. Gearing up for the 2018 election. We may have him for 4 more years (maybe) but we don’t need all his henchmen. Then again, I don’t think they like him any more than the rest of us.

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  13. I take some comfort from this, actually. I worried everyone would roll over and cower. Like the rest of the GOP. You are right, we need more of this.

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    • I did too. Especially with all of the threats against the press that Trump is making, I thought that they would not call a lie a lie. Kind of like what they did during the campaign, when they pretended that both sides were even. If they HAD done their jobs, we’d be yawning over Hillary’s most recent boring, competent choices.

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  14. Yes, Bravo. And sigh….

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  15. Deb

    Four. More. Years. Gah!!!

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