The Difference and Hillary’s Chicken

As if we needed reminders.  As if you couldn’t imagine this sort of thing happen.  In case you need to show the difference in the two parties.

Show ’em this.

J.J. Holmes has severe cerebral palsy.  He is 12 and is confined to a wheel chair.

On Saturday, his mother took him to a Trump rally, where he wanted to protest Trump’s treatment of folks with disabilities.  So they raised a Hillary placard.  And they were thrown out.

According to one report I read:

This is truly disturbing to me … What I witnessed while covering a Trump rally today. Wheelchair-bound JJ Holmes, 12, who has cerebral palsy, and his family were ordered out of Saturday’s Trump rally by Trump after they chanted for Hillary Clinton. JJ begged his mom, Alison, to travel over two hours so he could attend. JJ begged his mom, Alison, to travel over two hours so he could attend. Unable to speak, JJ communicates through a special device similar to Stephen Hawkings. JJ is passionate about politics and concerned about the future of all humans but especially those with disabilites. Alison said the family was kicked by Trump supporters and had to shield JJ’s wheelchair as Trump supporters gathered to push JJ’s wheelchair out of their space. Alison was called a child abuser and a murderer. This is just so, so sad! Tears are burning my eyeballs but then I look at JJ smiling afterwards when he asked his mom if she is proud of him.

Trump himself ordered the boy and his mother to be thrown out of the rally. His deplorable supporters taunted them on the way out. Taunting a disabled child? The lowest of the low.

That’s not exactly how the Democrats acted.

Instead, J.J. and his family got to meet President Obama.

Attribution: Valentina Pereda on Facebook (via Daily kos)

Attribution: Valentina Pereda on Facebook (via Daily kos)

Since Hillary started her advocacy working to get disabled students admitted to school, I’m pretty sure s he’s good with Obama supporting her on this one.

Trump’s supporters were kicking at JJ’s wheelchair.  What sort of people do that?

Oh yeah.  Deplorable ones.


Don’t be confused by the second half of my title.  I don’t think that Hillary IS chicken.  Nope, not a bit.

But she DOES makes a fine chicken dish that made it into the 1987 Congressional Club Cookbook, which has recipes from all sorts of congress members, their spouses, governors and their spouses.  Both Bill and Hillary have recipes in it, befitting the first power couple — both cook.

I Took This Picture! It's MY Cookbook!

I Took This Picture! It’s MY Cookbook!

It's my snapshot of the page.

That’s my proof.    And my picture.

It’s quick, easy and perfect for a weeknight meal.

This time, I may have it with champagne.



I’m really looking forward to writing about non-campaign related shit!


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34 responses to “The Difference and Hillary’s Chicken

  1. I’m reading this after the election, so, well, uh, shit. Are you still drunk?


  2. Where has civility gone? I have heard, read, and written about the many horrible things Trump and his minions have said/done, but I think this one takes the cake. Ms. Clinton hit the nail on the head when she used the word ‘deplorables’. Sigh … not sure where or when this ends anymore.

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  3. I don’t like Hillary. I don’t like how cozy she is with Wall Street and I feel like the only reason she’s stayed with Bill all these years is to get where she is now. HOWEVER, choosing between her and Trump is like choosing between a 5 star banquet and moldy pizza you found in the dumpster. Trump is obviously the moldy pizza.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well, I don’t agree with the first part (although it took me a while to get there). But moldy pizza is an apt analogy. WE DON’t want no moldy pizza presidents.


  4. Just noticed how you tagged this. Fabulous! I’m curious to see how long it takes to have a winner clearly proclaimed (with the Donald saying that he won’t concede if he loses).

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know! I read not long ago that his staff doesn’t even know how he’ll react. That they are all being yes-men, telling him that he’s going to win …

      We’ll see. It may be scary on Wednesday.

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  5. I cannot imagine a more cruel administration than we would have under Trump. I am truly fearful.

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  6. Well that is typical Trump behavior and the same goes for his supporters. They have no compassion and they have not class.

    Anyone that is a Trumpette has no scruples. Supporters of Trump have been brain washed and they don’t even know it,

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  7. Sad … but also another reason why opponents shouldn’t attend political rallies.

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  8. There’s that meme going around that says something about that it’s not the fact that Trump is X Y Z which is so shocking, it’s the fact that his supporters know it and don’t care. By the way, I’m pretty sure you’ve posted that chicken recipe before 😉

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  9. Who are these people and who raised them. My mother would give them a whack on the head. This is about manners.

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  10. What a contrast to the way Obama treated an elderly Trump supporter who heckled him the other day. He was very respectful toward that protester. That’s the sort of example I want our leaders to set.

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