What’s Your Plan

I promise I’ll shut up.  Soon.

Today I spent the day calling strangers and asking them if they’d made a plan to vote.

You see, scientific studies say that folks are more likely to actually go and vote if they tell somebody what their plan to vote is.

  • Do you plan to vote in the morning?
  • The afternoon?
  • Evening?
  • How are you going to get there?

Bring your ID.

I figured there were no stranger strangers, so after all my posts on the election for all these months, I figured I’d bore you one last time:

Make a plan for when you’ll vote.  And go vote!


My bloggin buddy, NTexas99 sent me this link.  It is to the pictures of women, born before the 19th Amendment was ratified, who waited all their lives to cast this vote.  It’ll make you smile.  And perhaps forgive me for all these political post.  Maybe.





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25 responses to “What’s Your Plan

  1. My plan now is to get the West coast to start a new country.

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  2. My sister and I strut around with our beautiful black tote bags that have Hillary stitched in white in front. We make sure that people can see it while we are walking around no matter where we are. Weeks ago, when my car was in the shop after being struck one night by a bag of who-knows-what thrown out a window of a car on the highway (most likely by a Trumpelthinskin supporter). The radiator had to be replaced, so I got a rental car. While waiting for the guy at Hertz to lie to me again, I got into a conversation with a young guy who was also waiting. I don’t wait for the election to come up in normal conversation. I will find a way to steer any conversation that way. “Is that your adorable little girl? You must be very happy with Hillary since your daughter is covered by CHIP.” Don’t even ask how many young female grocery cashiers, fast food workers, receptionists and waitresses my sister and I have high-fived with after they have seen the Hillary bags. More than one have been reminded to vote early, and when we saw them again, they assured us that they did vote. You want to talk about enthusiasm? Talk to some young women about how excited they are that a woman is about to move into the Oval Office. Every one of them has worked for a boss like Trumpelthinskin, and they can see the future if, g-d forbid, he wins.

    So many things anyone can do to help:
    Talk to neighbors, friends, people you pass in the grocery aisles. There are always openings to bring up how awesome Hillary is and how awful Trumpelthinskin is.

    Tweet. You never know. Something you say or retweet might be what convinces a fence-straddler.

    Post on Facebook. You will probably get some blowback, but when the Trumpsters get nasty, come back with facts.

    See if a neighbor needs a ride to polling places or just needs someone to bring their ballots to the mailbox.

    Show your support, even if it’s just honking and waving at Hillary sign-wavers on the side of the road. It’s so invigorating to the sign-wavers.

    It’s probably too late now, but for future reference–go to political rallies. They are fun, and it’s important to keep enthusiasm high. There can be other benefits, as well. I went to a pre-debate rally for Patrick Murphy a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know how many hours I held one half of a giant Murphy sign while an electrical union member held the other half. It must have been a long time, because I am pretty sure that I am a union member now. Go IBEW, Local 728! Where else but America could a girl who has trouble plugging and unplugging small appliances now be qualified to rewire your kitchen?

    Just wanted to add a big thanks to folks like our lovely hostess Elyse and her lovely guests for their contributions to the cause. Thanks for making phone calls, knocking on doors and feeding volunteers. Even simply commenting online can be effective. You never know the one argument that might change someone’s mind. Carry on being awesome!

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  3. Clinton

    My plan? My wife, of course. Silly.

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  4. I voted last month at the county offices. We have early voting in person or absentee. Will have to check with Son to make sure he sent in his ballot…

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  5. I voted last Friday because I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand in a long line on Tuesday, and even with me planning ahead, I was still in line for over an hour. But I just rolled my walker along, one person and one space at a time, until it was my turn to vote. There was no way I was going home without voting. Not a chance. p.s. glad you enjoyed the link 🙂

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  6. Thanks for helping people get motivated to vote. I worked a phone bank once and found it dreadfully boring. I’m sure glad there are people like you around to do work like that.

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    • I will admit that I wouldn’t do much if I lived where you do! You’re gonna be blue. This time it was horribly boring. In previous years I’ve had some memorable calls — including on election day 2004 when I called John Kerry. A different one, of course, but still… I asked him if he’d voted for himself! He had!

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      • We’re gonna be blue by about 20 points. This is definitely Clinton Country. But I hear VA is also going fairly strongly for her. I’ll bet you’ll be glad when it’s all over, so you can do something interesting.

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        • Yes. I am. I think the whole world is.

          As for VA, we’ll go for her, but Comey tightened the race. And now I’m not hopeful that my godawful congresswoman will be defeated. She started her career doing opposition research on the Clintons… vile woman named Barbara Comstock. Blech.

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  7. I voted two weeks ago. Could have mailed it but felt more comfortable delivering it to the courthouse. It’s too important.

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  8. I’ll vote mid-morning because I have to work at 11. Besides, I’m hoping for shorter lines at that time.

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