All the Way Down the Line

It’s not just a contest between Hillary and Donald you know.  The GOP members of Congress have already said that they will not just continue to obstruct our government.  They will up the ante —

  • They will refuse to compromise
  • They will try to indict Hillary for all the things that they have already cleared her of wrong doing in;
  • They will not confirm any judges she appoints.  That means to not only the Supreme Court, but all the way down the line.

Have they even read the US Constitution?

Instead, this is a perfect representation of today’s GOP-“led” Congress:

If anybody asks why more wasn’t done under Obama, show them this:


I got this from my friend, Father Kane at the Last of the Milleniums.  Naturally.  That's where I get the best stuff!

I got this from my friend, Father Kane at the Last of the Milleniums. Naturally. That’s where I get the best stuff!


Vote Blue, All the Way Down The Line!

Get the government working again for US — and for the U.S.!


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25 responses to “All the Way Down the Line

  1. Our words didn’t help much, did they?

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  2. I’ll second that!

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  3. While we all wait anxiously for what we know MUST happen, one of my old blogging buddies posted this on her facebook feed. It cheered me up immensely, and I thought this would be the appropriate place to share it, since I’ve all but quit posting on my own blog. Not sure when I might have the time or energy to post on my blog again, but in the meantime, please feel free to share this with as many folks as possible! I guarantee it will put a smile on your face. 🙂

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    • Oh that’s wonderful! Thank you for sharing it.

      My Mother-in-Law is 90 and she’s delighted too. Oh, and so am I!

      I look forward to when you jumpstart your blog. But you’re welcome to hang out here whenever!

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    • My mom is a mere youngster at just 92. She is a Republican, but she was the most excited person at the early voting polling place as she voted for Hillary. Whenever we take her to the store or the bagel place, she walks up to everyone to tell them to vote for Hillary.

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  4. Here’s the link:

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  5. Hi Elyse. I’m adding a comment to an earlier blog you did about getting new subscribers to your blog from Russia. Did you see the Samantha Bee piece that she did about Russian bloggers (state paid), pretending to be housewives from Nebraska or George-in-Florida trolling sites and screwing with commenters? Sigh. I suppose we have to take the good with the bad in internet. The difference comes in being wise enough to tell the difference. Thanks for the video.

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  6. Yes, they have read the Constitution, but very selectively.

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  7. Great video, loved it. Hopefully it’s not too late to pry all those wayward fingers off the steering wheel and get headed back in the right direction.

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  8. I realized this week as the race seems to be tightening, if Trump actually pulls this out, Congress will also likely stay in Republican hands. The nightmare just got infinitely worse.

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  9. Yep, that about sums it up. And mainly because many voters only vote during presidential elections. Mid-terms? Nah! Boring.

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