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I’m Toast

When you have chronic health problems like I do, there’s always something new to worry about.

  • Will this procedure hurt?
  • Will this procedure make my life worse?
  • Will this procedure kill me?
Photo Credit 4029TV.com

Photo Credit 4029TV.com

Until today, though, I never asked myself:

  • Will this procedure turn me into a flaming torch?

Butt that is precisely what happened to a woman undergoing surgery in Japan recently.  And it happened when she did what all of us fear whenever we have a medical procedure in the southern hemisphere.

She farted.

Fortunately for her, she was asleep on the operating table.

Unfortunately for her, the gas she passed was ignited by the laser the surgeons were using on her.

According to the article I read,

The fire burned much of her body, including her waist and legs. Her condition is unclear.

The poor woman.  I really feel terrible for her.  It’s embarrassing enough to break wind when you’re in a humiliating enough position.

Butt now I have something else to worry about the next time I have to have a procedure.

I’m toast.


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