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  1. Though I’m happy about the result, I take no pleasure from anyone else’s pain. I have fears and uncertainties wrapped up in him as well. In the end, I believe that no matter what part of the spectrum we’re coming from, we all have hope for every American’s future in our country to be a brighter one. Americans… that’s ALL of us… irregardless of skin color or any other thing. I totally agree with Obama’s words about us not being Republican or Democrat first… but American first… THAT should be something that we can all find common ground in and unite under at the very least.

    I am sure that I… even though I am a white (whatever that means?!?) American, that I share much more in common with a black American living on the opposite side of this country… than I do with a white person native to South Africa or Sweden. There are always lines that CAN be drawn to differentiate people from one another… but for the good of us all… I believe we shouldn’t focus on those differences so much, but should focus more on our common ground. Can we do that? Lord, I sure hope so!


    • Well, from my reading on Trump and his followers — the KKK, the folks who threaten women in hijab, the ones who taunt Hispanics with taunts of deportation and the wall — I don’t think we are in for happy times. I would love to be proven wrong.

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      • The KKK are shameful. What do they even do these days?? I just googled to see how many members are left today and there are estimates around 5k – 8k. Their views are horrible and extreme, but they are also pitiful and it is ridiculous to me that they still exist. In modern times, even just saying/typing KKK can evoke anger and disgust. And rightfully so! So it is amazing to me(not in a good way) that they still exist… in spite of all the rightfully negative attitudes, press, and disgust directed toward what they stand for. But that’s the KKK…

        As for anyone who threatens people unjustly, or especially those who follow through with action on those threats… they should be met with the swift hand of justice. People have a right to be uneasy, afraid, and angered by the threat of incoming Sharia law, but due to this probably being the major struggle of our era, people should really educate themselves on the Quran, Hadith, Sira, and Islamic culture. Fear of the unknown makes people do horrible things. Lashing out at Muslim women or men who haven’t done anything to provoke it shouldn’t be hassled. I know this brings up a semi-tangent, but I think people like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser should be more widely accepted for their efforts in trying to bring a reformation of Islam, to make it compatible with Western culture. To me, he is doing humanitarian work and seeking to separate the religious parts of Islam which are compatible with the West .. with the governmental/legal part of it, “Sharia”, which is antithetical to modern Western values.

        As for those taunting people… that’s very uncool. Asshole behavior. Any Hispanic who is an American need not fear deportation, of course. There is a lot of fear going around. Some of it is justified, but a lot of it has been hyped and stirred by 18 months of horrible media propaganda. Citizenship is, and rightfully should be, an important concept for every country. If a person decided it was in their best interest to enter this nation illegally (breaking the law) then they shouldn’t be surprised if their misdeeds come back to bite them. From a legal standpoint out of principle, it makes little to no difference that their desire to come here was for the chance to improve their family’s lives. All lawful, American citizens deserve to have the full rights of being a citizen, and none should need fear the laws of their nation being enforced. (The laws were made for the sake of its citizenry, not for the foreigner and not for the illegal immigrant. This is the important distinction being drawn.)

        In closing, threats and taunts should be met with rightful scorn, but our laws should be enforced and respected… or fought for to change. That would be an entirely different conversation, however.


  2. And this: now we must work harder than ever. And we must love harder than ever.

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  3. Lots of physical symptoms today, yes. And I realized at one point that the way I feel now is much like how I felt on 9/11. And then afterwards, when I could only wonder, “why do they hate us so much?” Same. Thanks for posting, as this is one of the few places I’ve read cogent and sympathetic comments, and felt free to share.

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    • That’s the saddest thing of all. That there are few places that are safe. A hint of things to come.

      Today I feel like I did when my sister Judy died. The wind was knocked out of my sails. I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m afraid I’ve never completely recovered. πŸ™ƒ


      • I’m so sorry. I know… We talked to our son, 2 times zones to the west, when he was barely out of bed. He sounds gut-punched. I could barely breathe this morning, felt like I’d have a panic attack. Fortunately I had a really hard workout (rehabbing knees, trainer is tuff) and it forced me into breathing. But the sick-to-my-stomach feeling persists. blech. Hugs for you. We’re all still here, on the side of love.

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    • And my blogging buddies are truly wonderful people.

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  4. I stayed up to watch the election last night. I was so sad and I am still in shock. I feel we somehow let our anger blind our judgment. I am sad not because Trump won but because his victory somehow signifies the people willingly stand behind him and his values and his beliefs. May we all find peace in this choas and able to find ways to move forward.

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  5. I note that you managed to find an image with the flag at half-mast. An apt choice for the day after elections–at least for half of us.

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  6. Well, like my mom said this morning, thankfully, Maine seems to have just legalized recreational pot. So at least I have a real chance at tuning out the next four years.

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  7. I’m seeing red right now.

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  8. It’s the media’s fault. I hope CNN and MSNBC are happy now.. The ratings will be great from now on.

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  9. I started the day like you but my gut is telling me something will implode. I worked feverishly on the McGovern election all those years ago. That’s was a very painful disappointment. I knew in my heart that Nixon wasn’t the right candidate and he had to resign before impeachment. I’ve got that same feeling. I am hoping that we can all hold out until something happens to right it. We have to keep the faith and the young ones have to fight for their freedoms as we did in the 60s. Keep us going Elyse. We depend on you.

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    • Thanks Kate. I read a statement a few days ago from John Dean of Watergate fame. He said that Trump is more Nixonian than Nixon.

      But I want you to be right. Trouble is, there is no benevolent Gerald Ford in the wings. Only equally sinister men.

      Scary times.

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  10. I am already being told not to be so upset – that the outcome of this election will not affect me personally. And I guess it won’t. except:
    – That I care about people having access to healthcare
    – That I care about protecting the environment
    – That I care about women being able to make decisions about their bodies for themselves
    – That I care about gay people have the right to love and marry who they want
    – That I care about the prospect of families being torn apart by deportation
    – That I care about rich people paying their fair share of taxes
    – That I care about the safety of our soldiers.
    – That I care about the danger to police officers, while at the same time caring about the treatment that African-American men receive at the hands of law enforcement and the justice system
    – That I care about judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin or their method of worship or the attractiveness of their body.
    – That I care about providing children with the example of love and kindness and the consequences of meanness and bullying
    – That I care about honoring our contracts, treaties and commitments around the world.
    But yeah, I guess it may not affect me personally. And I also care about respecting the democratic system, and so I will try to respect the decision of the people and hope that the next president will bring peace, kindness and prosperity to the United States.

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  11. Say it ain’t so, Joe.

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  12. I’m nauseated. I don’t mean that figuratively, I mean I may not be able to actually keep food down, I’m so upset.

    That picture says it all.

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  13. I’m more a gray blob of despair than blue. Sigh.

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  14. What – no gray clouds with a thunderbolt? I guess I lean toward the dramatics.

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  15. Let’s move up to Canada, with Gibber.

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  16. Me too. Grieving a huge loss!

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