Even if he apologizes

You all know what’s happened tonight.  The yuge video of Donald Trump being an asshole.  Talking about women disrespectfully.  Claiming that, because he is a star, he can get women to put up with him being sexually abusive.

Right now, I’m waiting for Trump to put out a video apology.  Or something.

But how can he apologize for who he is.  Who we — including the folks who planned to vote for him — always knew he was?

Every day it seemed, there was a statement from this woman or that, saying that he hit on them or disrespected them.

Still, most of the GOP went along with him. Endorsed him.  Sighed and signed on.

Paul Ryan.  Mitch McConnell.  John McCain.  Kelly Ayotte.  Ted Cruz.  Marco Rubio.

Right now, folks are lining up to say “he’s a bad man.”  “I can’t support him.”

Donald Trump is the same, vile man he was yesterday, before this film came out.  They always knew it.

If Trump releases a video where he assures us, with the deepest sincerity, that he respects women, he will of course leave lots of folk out:  Hispanics.  Muslims.  Blacks.  Everybody but rich white men.

Me?  I’m not ready to make nice.  Go to Hell, Donald Trump.  And don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out.


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29 responses to “Even if he apologizes

  1. (An uncomfortable — tho wholly unsurprising — aspect to being so behind in my blog-reading? I get to this post from just a few weeks ago, and some of the people you are talking about “lining up” to distance themselves from him…have already long since gotten back on board with their public support. #smdh)

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  2. Frightening times we live in. So many people hate both candidates. My fear is that the only people who show up at the polls will be Trump supporters.


  3. Make America cringe again… and gag…

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  4. Just watched the 2nd Presidential debate and listened to several analyses. The standard is set so pathetically low for that dangerous egomaniac. He called his opponent “the Devil” and not one commentator said a thing about it. They simply remarked about how well he performed after the first half hour of mud-slinging. That Senator/Secretary of State Clinton kept her cool having to deal with a 70-year-old bully with the intellect and vocabulary of a five-year-old should certainly be worth a mention. He lies for a living and the American public distrusts her????? He brags about (and I’m sure has/does) assaulting women who are up to his misogynistic standards, and he’s still one of the “good old boys” to his base. His campaign has exposed a very ugly America, hasn’t it?

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  5. I want to type something here but I am stumped by having too much to say and not being able to organise it into anything comprehensible. Ya know?

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  6. People can SAY anything they want, that doesn’t make it true. Sometimes they are just fishing for votes. Been duped many times by politicians who promise and don’t deliver. 🙂

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    • I don’t fault the ones who try. It’s a complicated system. But today’sGOP, and I will admit some Democrats, are more concerned about party and their own jobs than the country.

      Trump was/is doing it for self aggrandizement


  7. That was some apology. He intoned Bill Clinton’s name. That’ll show ’em.

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    • I wouldn’t let my son get away with a non-apology like that. Bet you wouldn’t let your girls either (of course none of our kids would have said/done THAT).


  8. I just heard a story about that on the news. Apparently, according to this story, the others running in the primaries learned that their numbers decreased when they attacked DT, so they didn’t. Plus they didn’t have the $. Now everybody’s looking for tape.

    There are apparently lots more. Trump is digging in and according to Michael Steele, the GOP can’t just oust him from the slot. A bit of an oversight on the lawmakers’ part, I’d say.


  9. I haven’t had much respect for Republicans, due to their endorsing this guy, or at least tacitly tolerating him. But I have developed respect for Republican Senator Jeff Flake. He has strongly spoken out against him. If only there were many more like him. Maybe there will be, soon.

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    • Yes, but too late They’ve known what he was all along.

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      • Of course they knew, or at least weren’t shocked when they found out, but I’m sure that this type of behavior is acceptable for rich and powerful. What’s not acceptable is getting caught on tape with it.

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        • True. Harder to pretend now. Although he has done all the other horrible things (racism, xenophobia, religious derision) on tape and in speeches. Nobody can pretend they didn’t know.

          My vomit inducing Congresswoman was one of the first to come out against him last night. She has not released her meetings to the public so she can’t be confronted. Coward.


  10. The whole thing is just weird, weird, weird. I’ve refused to even entertain the prospect that he would be our President. And the Republicans are getting what they deserve with this one.

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  11. I wasn’t surprised by the tape one little bit. The only surprise is that more of them haven’t come to light yet.

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  12. I rarely rant in facebook. I ranted a bit last night. One of my comments was this: republicans are expressing outrage at trump’s latest revelation. But how surprised are they? Why be outraged now? Where was their outrage and courage months ago, when they could have said, “this man is NOT ACCEPTABLE as a representative of our party, and NOT ACCEPTABLE as the potential president of the United States”? It’s a little late in the game to claim upset now. You broke it, you bought it.

    And another:
    No, these male republicans [now condemning this incident] frame it as if the WORDS and the WOMEN are the problem. You could say disgusting things about other kinds of people and it would be okay. Or you could say horrible things about women if you chose your words better. But boy howdy, when you combine those words and their wiminfolk, it’s a problem!

    And: And sexual assault is a crime whether against female or male. He’s talking about sexual assault. But we should find that offensive whether we’re talking about women or men. It’s is offensive ASIDE from the fact he is talking about, and they are talking about, women.

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    • I am surprised that the Repubs didn’t kick him to the curb earlier. He’s always been the same person. The tape didn’t change anything I thought about him. I don’t know how any of them can seriously support him. Stay tuned.

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    • You are so right. I mean the man was recorded right out of the gate being a racist with “That Mexican Thing” — calling them rapists, etc. And they pretend they didn’t know who he was.

      Hopefully the folks that didn’t buy it before, will not buy it with downballot races either.

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