Here We Go Again

When it happened, it was barely in the news.  I tried to write about it, but couldn’t.  I still can’t.  What more can be said that wasn’t said before.  The fact that it still happens says it all.

It could just as easily have been somebody I care about.  Or somebody you care about.

It WAS somebody named Jacob, which is eerie for me since I have a son named Jacob.

Another shooting of children.  Another death.  Another funeral.

If there was ever a way to fight back, though, to show that the guns don’t really win, this was the way to do it.  With superheroes.

Superheroes Gather To Mourn 6-Year-Old Boy Killed In Townville School Shooting

A young superhero is dead.  At his funeral, his mother encouraged everybody to come dressed as a superhero, because Jacob was a superhero and wanted to save people. It was a touching tribute to Jacob, and a wonderful, heartfelt gesture by his Mom.

His family, his community is devastated.  We are all diminished.

Because we do nothing.  Again and again and again.

Fucking guns.  Fucking second amendment.  FUCKING NRA.

Elections matter for a whole lot of things.


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27 responses to “Here We Go Again

  1. Well said, well done, well, dammitalltohell…

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  2. I can’t watch that video. Didn’t click it. I don’t understand why these things happen or why they’re enabled to happen to easily. We let children die. Hell, we let them die in other countries because of bad water and no food, no medicine. I just don’t feel like we do enough, but who am I to talk anyway.

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    • Well you’re a guy with a heart. We don’t do enough, world wide, but that’s where we turn our backs. With guns killing kids, I feel like we walk towards it. Because we refuse to change the picture.


  3. I can’t bear it. I can’t bear stories like this. So senseless. I have a friend in the states who is pro-gun and I find it so hard to talk to her about it because she has such vastly opposing views to me, about this, and politics in general. I love her dearly in so many ways, and so end up steering away from conversations about politics, which might not be the right thing to do. Really we all need to keep talking about these things if there is to be any hope of change.

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    • That’s where we need education. To demonstrate that statistically if you have a gun in your house you’re more likely to kill/die by it and not protect yourself and your family. Horrible, horrible.


  4. Legislation is a start to gun control, but often, the bad guys don’t follow the rules. Whatever is going on in people’s heads that makes them do these things, that is what needs to be changed. I wish I knew how. I think our instant gratification society gives people a bad case of trigger finger. 😦

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  5. It’s hard to hit ‘like’ on this, but I do appreciate your sharing this. Something has to change.

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  6. I cried when I heard. I cry every time there’s a shooting. So sad how many times this happens now. I actually worry every time I drop my kids off at school. So heartbreaking that kids can’t feel safe in schools anymore.

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    • Me too. It is heartbreaking. Of all the things kids have to worry about, this shouldn’t even be on the list

      But a super hero funeral was a wonderful gift by this mom. A way to help people heal.


  7. So where were all those good NRA citizens with their guns, to protect this boy when he was shot?

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  8. That’s so sad. I share your feelings about guns.

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  9. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of Amendment is “a change in the words or meaning of a law or document (such as a constitution)”. It is NOT “laws handed down directly from God on stone tablets”. The Constitution has been amended before. It can be done again. I’m guessing that every superhero mourning Jacob would agree.

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  10. Hearts go out. No prayers, no god…just heart.

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  11. Yes. If only we had more than the 300 million guns that already pollute our homes and our streets.

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