Mike Who?

A public service announcement brought to you by FiftyFourAndAHalf (courtesy of Dailykos.com)

Who is Mike Pence?

I mean besides Donald Trump’s VP candidate who gets almost no coverage in the press.

He’s the guy who decided to defund Planned Parenthood!



So tonight, when (if) you watch the VP Debate being held here in Virginia, remember that misogyny comes in quieter forms too.  Like from those gentlemen who simply want to make sure that women have lots of babies and no access to healthcare screening for breast and ovarian or for sexually transmitted diseases.

It’s a health issue.

It’s an economic issue.

It’s common sense — keep public funding of organizations who serve the public.


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Elections Matter.  Vote on November 8.  And not for Pence!


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31 responses to “Mike Who?

  1. Yeah. He cares so much about life inside the womb, but what about once it’s outside a woman’s body? YUGE disconnect, I’d say. 😦

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  2. A mannequin has more personality, and frankly, more sense on the issues of women.

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  3. Working my way back into WP …. I didn’t watch last night. Then again, I haven’t watched a debate during the entire 15-month election cycle.

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  4. Jen

    I couldn’t watch. I can’t believe we are stuck with these people.

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    • Tim Kaine is actually my Senator (and was my Governor); he’s a good man. I just wanted him to Punch Pence because Pence lied and lied, baldfaced. I’m still mad!

      Art of Pouringmyartout likened Pence to his childhood GI Joe dolls. I think Art nailed it!



  5. Pence was also the one who voted against equal pay for women and passed laws discriminating against the LGBT community!


    • Yes. He is a terrible guy. How did we end up with this dynamic duo? And the “Christian first” is OK with sexual assault and cheating on one’s wife? What a guy!

      Forgive me for being so long in responding. This comment went to spam which I never check. I learned that my comment on two different blogs went there today so I checked and found yours. Sorry!


  6. I just watched the VP debate. That guy is a total douche-brush.

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    • YES. A LYING, simpering ffouche bag.


      • Makes me sick. I’ve had vomit that’s more pleasant, and stepped into soiled week-old diapers that are more appealing. These two losers are perfect for each other. Match made in flippin Moscow. I just about had enough of this simpering nonsense, I’ve a good mind (I don’t, really) to set the Mounties on Trump and Pence. They always get their man. I figure a a few years in a northern Canadian tundra shackled to each other naked would do them good, but with our luck they’d probably merge into some green, scaly uber-creature with tiny testicles and a head-penis. Ser-i-ous-ly. Get these guys outta here.

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  7. Why are you always getting me worked up, Elyse? Seems Pence is a snake in the Trump combover.

    Maybe in addition to a Black Lives Matter Movement, there should be a Women’s Lives Matter movement. Male politicians seem more deadly to women than white police officers to black men.

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  8. If Trump is elected, Pence might be the guy running the country, since I don’t think Trump has any interest in how governing works – just as long as he gets to sit in the Oval Office and threaten to bomb anyone who won’t do what he says.
    And in addition to fighting against women and gays, Pence is also not a fan of releasing innocent people from prison: http://www.rawstory.com/2016/10/cold-hearted-mike-pence-refuses-to-pardon-a-man-wrongly-convicted-and-proven-innocent/

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  9. Thanks for the reminder. You’re preaching to the choir, honey! 🙂

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    • I know. I can’t help myself. But actually, I’ve gotten a few followers lately whose blogs are, ahem, different from mine. So maybe a few misfits have wandered in!

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      • As a doctor friend who would never reveal his political leanings used to say, “I read stuff from both sides. It’s always good to know what the other side is thinking.” Maybe that’s where your misfits are coming from. 🙂 I truly can’t wait for the election to be over, so we can find out how closely Hillary will come to meeting Bernie’s presidential ideals and Drumpf will have time to go get a decent haircut. We could keep that fool busy for the next four years by putting him in a round room and telling him to go piss in the corner. 🙂

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  10. Pence is also the same jackwagon who signed the “religious freedom” bill in Indiana, giving rise to the indefensible. There was a story in the Washington Post yesterday about a woman who justified beating her child as being a religious freedom.
    People who rationalize that Trump would likely be impeached, leaving Pence in charge, provide no consolation at all. He strikes me as the more dangerous of the two.

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