How is That a Good Thing?

So the New York Times posted a story saying that Donald Trump, that brilliant businessman who is gonna “Make America Great Again,” because he makes such great deals, LOST $1 BILLION in one year — 1995.  

Then, he hired tax lawyers and accountants who cleaned up the mess for him and spread the losses over nearly two decades, so that Mr. Trump did not have to pay taxes.

“He’s a genius!” Proclaim two leading Trump sycophants, Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani.

A “genius” businessman capable of “Making America Great Again” doesn’t lose $1 Billion in one year.


What is wrong with anybody who thinks otherwise?  

One classy guy.


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61 responses to “How is That a Good Thing?

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  2. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sully your blog Elyse, but Trump is a fucking idiot. He’s a disgraceful bag of shit that magically came alive due to some errant spell from a dumbass wizard. Only strange, anal wizardry can possibly explain this butt-hole. Mr. Trump. Please go away forever, you offend me constantly, and making fun of someone being sick (or is that making fun of someone for being sick AND a woman?) is beyond low, you totally suck man, get a life.

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  3. Is there any way to make sense of the world anymore?

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  4. Things are looking a little more hopeful for Hillary, but I’m still afraid.

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  5. From the (limited amount) of research I’ve done, what most of the ‘experts’ seem to think is that the loss is loss reported from money he owed–so, he’s claiming a business loss of almost a billion dollars, most of which isn’t out of pocket, but on paper, borrowed from others. So it’s a loss on debt. That business loss or debt is used, legally, with tax loopholes allowing for it, to offset his adjusted income for the next 15 years. So he uses debt to offset up to 50 million in income per year to bring his adjusted income down to a level where he owes no Federal tax. I’m no accountant, but that’s what I understood.

    There are so many things that bother me about this, I don’t know where to start, but I’ll try.

    1. Scamming the system, though legal, is being touted as ‘smart’. He’s not smart. His accountants and lawyers are ‘smart’. And there are no loopholes for the average person to be smart, accountants or not. There’s only so much you can do.

    2. He makes money, pays little to no tax. Ok, the argument then is that he is creating jobs. Trickle Down. Except he is stiffing his employees left, right and center, so he’s ‘saving’ money there too. So there’s a blockage at the point of trickle down.

    3. His proposed tax plan benefits real estate developers like himself, reducing their tax rate, so guess who ends up paying more

    4. People scream blue murder about welfare cheats scamming the system. Here is someone who is using the system for everything it’s worth, who now has the possibility of influencing the system even more, and we applaud him.

    5. I can’t figure him out. At all. I can’t figure out if he’s a narcissistic, egocentric megalomaniac. If he’s the world’s best 3 card monty con, if he’s working for someone else. If he stood up there to declare his giant joke on the American people to prove a point. Any of things are plausible and it’s making me crazy.

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  6. The moment I saw the video clip of him imitating Hillary getting into the car, I lost the last shred of faith I was holding on to with my co-humans who could still justify that this, whatever is capable of representing our country in a manner that will be respected around the world. What have we become as a collective group of humans?

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  7. Every time I read something he’s said or done, and then I read the spin put on it by his supporters, I’m sure I’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole–and to totally mix literary allusions, entered 1984, where “Ignorance is Strength.”

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  8. Admit it. You’re going to miss him just a teeny, tiny bit. I might.

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  9. A scientist who tumbled downstairs and broke every bone would be a genius for confirming the theory of gravity. He or she would then add to this stunning achievement by having to spend three months recovering in hospital, therefore avoiding doing any work for this period. My goodness, what an amazing record of success!

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  10. I’m no Trump apologist, as you hopefully know, but the idea that his $900 million plus loss 20 years ago means that he didn’t pay taxes for 18-20 years is utterly false. What it does mean is that he had up to $50 million in losses that he could write off against income in each year for 18 years after he had that loss. The reporting on this, to be honest, is a great example of how stupid the mainstream media and the liberal blogosphere is. And just so you know, I’m now saying you’re stupid … because you’re relying on the reporting of all of these sites you respect to give you the truth. It’s the people who write for those sites that are stupid … or either wilfully twisting facts into something that isn’t actually true.


  11. If he repeats the pattern as president, he’ll squander trillions of dollars from the treasury, then declare bankruptcy, give everyone a y-u-u-u-ge tax break, and call himself smart.

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    • Yes! AND he’s a tax cheat.


      • Not necessarily. If the law allowed unlimited deductions of personal income against losses, and he took it, that isn’t “cheating,” per se. It IS cheating the rest of us, though, even if it isn’t cheating the system.

        My point, which I’m making badly, is if his highest qualification for the office is that he is a great businessman, then on the face of it he is not qualified. Because he sucks as a businessman. NO ONE can be a great businessman and lose A BILLION DOLLARS.

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  13. It seems to me the “genius” points go to his highly paid advisors, and Trump is taking all the credit.

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  14. Donald Trump lost a billion dollars? How is this NOT a good thing?

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  15. Giuliani and Christie are both former federal prosecutors. You would think…oh, never mind.

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  16. He’d have been better off showing NO tax returns than that one, which tells us that not only is he a poor businessman, but a cheating tax evader as well. Yikes, what an idiot. He just digs his own hole deeper and deeper.

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