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Even if he apologizes

You all know what’s happened tonight.  The yuge video of Donald Trump being an asshole.  Talking about women disrespectfully.  Claiming that, because he is a star, he can get women to put up with him being sexually abusive.

Right now, I’m waiting for Trump to put out a video apology.  Or something.

But how can he apologize for who he is.  Who we — including the folks who planned to vote for him — always knew he was?

Every day it seemed, there was a statement from this woman or that, saying that he hit on them or disrespected them.

Still, most of the GOP went along with him. Endorsed him.  Sighed and signed on.

Paul Ryan.  Mitch McConnell.  John McCain.  Kelly Ayotte.  Ted Cruz.  Marco Rubio.

Right now, folks are lining up to say “he’s a bad man.”  “I can’t support him.”

Donald Trump is the same, vile man he was yesterday, before this film came out.  They always knew it.

If Trump releases a video where he assures us, with the deepest sincerity, that he respects women, he will of course leave lots of folk out:  Hispanics.  Muslims.  Blacks.  Everybody but rich white men.

Me?  I’m not ready to make nice.  Go to Hell, Donald Trump.  And don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out.


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