According to the DailyKos, today Ted Cruz reached a new low in trying to get the GOP nomination.

Perhaps it is only fair, since Donald Trump recently brought up the fact that news* articles have stated that Ted’s seriously crazy dad, Rafael Cruz, was involved in the Kennedy assassination.

So Ted hit back, as Daily Kos says:

Candidate Ted Cruz, making his final appeal to Indiana voters (before his campaign officially goes down in flames), said of Donald Trump:

“… he’s proud to be a serial philanderer. He talks about his battles with venereal disease as his personal Vietnam.”

To his credit, Ted Cruz’s facts are more reliable than Trumps, as Trump did make the comment in a 1997 Ted Stern interview.  But still.

I keep thinking there will be a point in the quest for the GOP nomination where I won’t be left speechless by the crassness by the politicians involved.



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40 responses to “Clap

  1. The crassness of the political process is unbelievable, isn’t it? Although obviously the Republicans don’t have a lock on that adjective.

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    • It’s true that the GOP doesn’t have a lock on crass. But they HAVE introduced a whole new level. Even the whole Monica business with Bill was the GOP — Bill wanted to keep it secret!


  2. I just watched a series documenting the 1960s and 70s. Holy shit! Anyone who wants to make America like that again is insane. I’m surprised we survived without killing ourselves and the rest of the world. Okay, we had the Beatles. I’m for having them back. But that’s all. It was an oppressive, corrupt, freak show of a time when most people were fighting for the right to be treated like people and a few powerful, rich, megalomaniacs (redundant, but I felt it was necessary) sat on their high horses and thought of news ways to get away with murder. “Shit your pants scary” season has arrived!

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  3. Well, since Ted is the Zodiac Killer, maybe it is a family tradition…

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  4. I can’t wrap my head around it. I agree with you that Cruz was probably the more dangerous. I think he actually believes the crap he spews, whereas Trump just wants to be sensational. But he too is super dangerous, and I wouldn’t underestimate his ability to win in the general, with how far he’s already gotten. Berners are threatening to vote Trump if Clinton gets nomination (which she will, math doesn’t lie). That’s an angle I really don’t understand. Sometimes I have to avoid social media altogether, because it’s making me so angry!

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    • I know. My emotions range from complete abject depression to hopeful denial. What a situation.

      Bernie voters who vote for Trump are morons. They will deserve what they get. Unfortunately, we will all be stuck with Trump should the unthinkable happen. Shit. Back to utter depression.


  5. I literally just heard Trump say “I’ll be the best at the military part of being president.” I’d much rather be hearing about his wandering penis after that statement.

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  6. Re: …a point in the quest for the GOP nomination where I won’t be left speechless…”

    I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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  7. Regarding your hope to get to a point where you won’t be left speechless, don’t hold your breath. Trump is like a spoiled adolescent and he brings his competitors down to his level.

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  8. Please, please…make it stop.

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  9. I’ll say, clap on both their houses.

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  10. You have got to be kidding… he said that? Is there no end to this madness?

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  11. Deb

    And now Ted has dropped out…


  12. It’s like an episode of Jerry Springer erupted in the GOP race.

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  13. It stopped being an amusing circus to watch didn’t it? It’s now far, far into scary land.

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  14. Paul

    Sigh. My total lack of surprise makes a statement of its own.

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  15. They are both disgusting, horrible people. There is nothing to recommend either of them to those of us with some education and intelligence (as I fancy myself.) They both remind me of Elizabeth Bennet, to Darcy’s aunt: “You have insulted me in every possible way … I must ask you to leave immediately. … ” I only wish they would…

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  16. As Obama likes to say around this time of year, “We’re getting into silly season.”

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