Daily Archives: May 3, 2016


According to the DailyKos, today Ted Cruz reached a new low in trying to get the GOP nomination.

Perhaps it is only fair, since Donald Trump recently brought up the fact that news* articles have stated that Ted’s seriously crazy dad, Rafael Cruz, was involved in the Kennedy assassination.

So Ted hit back, as Daily Kos says:

Candidate Ted Cruz, making his final appeal to Indiana voters (before his campaign officially goes down in flames), said of Donald Trump:

“… he’s proud to be a serial philanderer. He talks about his battles with venereal disease as his personal Vietnam.”

To his credit, Ted Cruz’s facts are more reliable than Trumps, as Trump did make the comment in a 1997 Ted Stern interview.  But still.

I keep thinking there will be a point in the quest for the GOP nomination where I won’t be left speechless by the crassness by the politicians involved.



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