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When your life is going to the dogs

This morning I woke to a wonderful, life renewing news story.  Since that sort of story seems to be happening less frequently, I thought I’d share.

When I am at my lowest points in life, one of the things that has always gotten me through has been my dog.  From the time I was a kid and I brought my problems to Okie, to when I was so sick in the 80s and Goliath kept my mind off of me and on whatever crazy thing he was doing.  Or the time he literally saved my life.  Charlie, Cooper and now Duncan have all played a big part in helping me through rough times.

In turn, my dogs have always had great care and lots of love. That’s my part of the bargain.  Most people with pets feel more or less the same way.

So every time I read about a natural disaster, I worry about the pets.  They can’t be replaced.  And imagine if you lose a beloved pet because rescuers won’t let you bring him.

The story I read warmed my heart.

You’ve heard about the devastating fires in Canada.  Well two Canadian airlines West Jet and Canadian North have allowed folks to bring their pets along when they’re evacuated.

Canadian North

Two airlines with hearts — WestJet and Canadian North.  Image from Huffington Post

For more heartwarming pictures and ways to help the folks who have lost so much, here’s the link to the Huffington Post article.

Happy Monday.


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