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Food to Smile About

Tippy over at Chasing Unicorns has a practical way for us to help folks. Food donations collected by the US Postal Service.

Chasing Unicorns

Leave canned or boxed food in your mailbox, Saturday, May 14th. Leave canned or other packaged, non-perishable foods in your mailbox, Saturday, May 14th.
It was my noblesse oblige that brought me to the grocery store, and duty is never fun. The National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) is holding its annual Food Drive this Saturday, May 14th.

Sigh. So I went to the supermarket to find some canned goods to leave in my mailbox. That’s when the conservative side of me began to grumble. “These poor people,” my inner voice whined, “have often made bad choices. They’ve gotten mixed up with drugs and alcohol. They’ve committed crimes. They’ve made stupid career decisions. And now, I’m supposed to feed them?”

The liberal side of me began clearing its throat to say something guilt-inducing in response. But I shushed both of these voices. There was something deeper and more distant stirring within. My own childhood.

I grew up poor. And it was…

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