The NRA is Concerned

The National Rifle Association is concerned about your safety and well being.

It’s true — really!  I just read all about it!  Forget all that other stuff that I’ve said about the NRA since you’ve known me.  My bad.

In recent years, they’ve become terribly concerned about injuries from gun shots.  Or, let me hit this target here closer to the bulls-eye:  they are concerned about injuries from shooting guns.

Injuries to the shooter.  They still don’t give a shit about the jerk who got in the way of the bullet.

But they’re really worried about the eardrums of the guys and gals pulling the trigger.  Because:


Heck!  Those things are LOUD!  (Google Image)

So the NRA wants to enact legislation to allow silencers to be used on guns.  They were outlawed in the 1930s because of mob violence.  The NRA calls them”suppressors.”

Know why they want them?  To protect the ears of “gun enthusiasts.”  Because we wouldn’t want the gun enthusiasts’ ears to ring now, would we.  How would they listen to Rush Limbaugh?

I’m sure the NRA is also working on products and legislation to suppress the screams of victims of gun violence, too.  Because we wouldn’t want the ears of them 2nd Amendment types ringing from that, now, would we?


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57 responses to “The NRA is Concerned

  1. Well, I mean, the worst thing about going on a shooting spree is the irreparable damage it does to the shooters ears… so…

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  2. The top of my head just exploded. Now I am going to walk around all day with bad hair. Thank you Elyse and the NRA.

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  3. Just when one thinks they’ve heard it all … then this come along. Oh boy.

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  4. When I first saw an article about this, I told my husband. He didn’t believe me and actually had to come look over my shoulder and read it for himself. Boggles the mind.

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  5. Let’s just cut to the chase. We all should have tanks and bazookas.

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  6. Did you ever read something and think WTF just happened? Yea, it’s like that.

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  7. Ugh, ugh, ugh. (You can substitute other words here.)

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  8. Dana

    They’re illegal? …but they use then in movies and on TV all the time!

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  9. Paul

    Love the line in the video about the noise scaring younger shooters and to get the young involved they have to reduce the noise. Oh, of course, why didn’t I think of that? **Face Palm** After all we need to make it more comfortable for small children to shoot firearms. I mean,after all, what 5 year old wouldn’t flinch at the sound of a gunshot?

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    • We DO need to make it more comfortable for little kids. You’re right. The NRA’s right. And who wants to KNOW when they’re in danger? Or in a bad neighborhood? Or when a friend or relative has just been shot and there might just be enough time to get them to the hospital? Who wants THAT????

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  10. Not a bad idea…we’d more easily see ’em coming if they all carried big, plump sofa cushions. …

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  11. This is why they ought to make guns that boomerang… specifically for use on NRA bobble heads.

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  12. Sometimes I truly think there are two different planes of reality that have collided at some molecular level. Really? They want to make silencers legal? What the fuck?

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  13. When the shooters are at shooting ranges, they wear (unless they are complete idiots, and I don’t rule that out) ear protection. So — DONE! No need for legislation.

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    • But of course, the NRA is worried about those poor hunters’ ears. Because when they blast Bambi, we don’t want them to get boo-boos. Nor do they want me to be able to shout “YOU ASSHOLE, THIS IS A PARK. THERE ARE PEOPLE IN HERE!”

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  14. I don’t think it’s necessary. According to my friend, Jimmy “the weasel” Ravioli, guns by themselves do a good enough job at silencing, without the need for accessories.

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