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A Day in my Head

My computer is in the shop, so I couldn’t write this. But I would have if I could have. Probably not so well, though.

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

venice-poloSometimes it’s like bumper cars in my head. Like a fart, those random thoughts are usually better out than in.

People seem to be confusing the phrase ‘politically correct’ with the word ‘humanity’ and sometimes ‘intelligent’.

Politically correct is using the phrase African-American or black instead of a racial epithet like coon. Or not saying retarded. Sometimes it’s extending a bit of understanding to a historically oppressed minority.

Politically correct is not assuming that your way is the bestest most awesomely epic way and all other ways suck and fuck you, you Muslim terrorist. And then chanting U.S.A!

Re: above, I’m not sure what that is.

Find me a Trump supporter who doesn’t believe that only white people should be allowed to own guns and I’ll show you a bridge that’s for sale.

What do you think would happen if three young black men walked down the street with guns in…

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