Sometimes, it’s just too easy

Really, I know that it’s a long way till November.

And I know that we are all realizing that we laughed at Donald Dfrumpf to our peril.

And I also know that with this video, I am acknowledging that he is a terrible threat to the GOP, the United States, and the world.

But I’m not laughing at Donald Dfrumpf.  I’m laughing at Chris Christie.


OK.  So it wasn’t really that easy since I can’t actually embed the video (even though the link says “EMBED”.

It’s the first clear sign of how difficult life will be with a Drumpf presidency.




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52 responses to “Sometimes, it’s just too easy

  1. All this nuttiness is mind-boggling, but psychologically speaking, I suppose it is to be expected. Thinking about the presidency in modern times I can see that our choices have been shaped not so much by the electorate’s contemplative analysis, would that it were!, but primarily by fear, greed and frustration. Consider the Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, the atom bomb, Communism and the Red Scare, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Domino Theory, the Great Recession’s mortgage crisis, and of course, terrorism. The shock and awe of the first Iraq war didn’t help – people remember the headiness of that victory but they want to forget the aftermath of the second Iraq war.

    What’s driving most voters now? I submit it’s, of course, still terrorism, but also income inequality, technology and globalism, a.k.a., the flight of jobs. People feel in their guts that they’ve somehow been betrayed, that the escalator to the good life has stopped between floors.

    This is fertile soil for demagogues and a real danger to our country’s bedrock principles. Leadership alone is not enough – there must be crisis. I shudder to think what may happen when President Grumph finally gets to the oval office and finds out that the only button on the desk he can push, and get immediate results from, is the war button.

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    • The whole thing is just so deeply horrible. People are succumbing to every one of their baser feelings. I am truly terrified at the world we are inviting.


  2. so… he is the reason I can’t figure out how to put videos in my blog… I knew it…

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  3. Dana

    So, Mitt, huh?

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  4. I’m late to the party and all the best has been said. There was a time I liked Christie. He even seemed to get along with Obama (blasphemy for a Republican!). Then something happened. Bridge-gate or belly band or something. There are some similarities with Trump. He says what he thinks and sometimes it’s not politically correct and gets him in hot water (with a mop supposedly). Three-ring circus for sure.

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  5. You MUST watch the debate tonight. It’s the return of Donald vs. Mehygyhan (or whatever stupid alternative spelling she employs). I’m going to miss it. I have tix to a play and if I’d know there would be a conflict, I wouldn’t have gotten them. (Sam Shepard’s ‘Buried Child’ with Ed Harris and Amy Madigan. A different kind of fight.)

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  6. Oh, that Christie expression. Maybe he is just wondering why he climbed back into that clown car ? ☺

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  7. That is the face of someone saying, ‘Oh Gawd, what have I done’

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  8. Have you ever wondered what the Karma of a desperate ass kisser looked like? Well, now we know.

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  9. That IS his enthusiastic face…Love your tags and I wish I could become Jaded Van Winkle.

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  10. Dana

    It’s slowly donning on him, that people don’t realize he was being sarcastic.

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  11. He looks to me like he just ate a Trump Steak.

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  12. I watched a bit of Trump’s press conference last night and was baffled by Christie’s presence and his expressions and everything else. It was just so fundamentally odd. To the extent it’s possible to make any rational sense of it, I do think he’s engaged in some odd type of VP tryout.

    On the other hand, maybe Trump told Christie he’d cut off his balls for the mean things he said while he was still in the campaign unless he stood around and looked like a doofus at Trump events.

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    • My husband and I are thinking Attorney General rather than VP. Because it would defy conventional wisdom to nominate a NYer and a NJite for Pres and VP. Then again, nothing would surprise me any more.


  13. Don’t you get it? HE is the one standing behind Trump at the press conference, because HE wants to be first in line for the VP pick. He’s trying to look VPial. But even he can’t quite hide how distasteful that is.

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  14. What a team. And I don’t mean that as a compliment.

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  15. Would be, not will be. I cannot allow even the thought that he might be president. I think Trump is only doing this because he’s bored and it’s an interesting form of entertainment for a billionaire megalomaniac.

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  16. Paul

    You know during the hurricane I was impressed by Christie’s actions and caring. i could not believe it when he supported Trump – whatever would motivate him to do that? The best is that now – just days after he throws his support behind Trump – the republican gurus have started an anti- Trump campaign that will run nationally and will make it clear that a vote for trump is a vote against the republican party – must make Christie feel like a fool – ‘course he is but what can I say?

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    • Actually, the LATER reports of Christie following the hurricane were not nearly so glowing. Money didn’t get where it was supposed to go, and folks are still waiting. He took care of his friends and others, not so much…

      I think he and trump are bullies of a feather …

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