Trump v. Fox — A Solution

You’ve all heard the news.

The Donald’s feelings are hurt and therefore, he stamped his feet, put his fingers in his ears and said “la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-.”  “Not going to debate.”

Of course, that leaves Fox and the debate moderators with a problem:  Too few folks on stage.

After reading this blog post from my home town, though, I’ve come up with a solution.

Empty suit

Image:, which I did not make up.

You didn’t click on the link, did you.  You never click on the links.

So I guess I’ll have to give you a hint.

The story in that blog is about a resident of my hometown who works as a photojournalist who met The Donald on a job.  The billionaire tried to sell JP Vellotti a suit.

The story, to me, is a metaphor for The Donald’s offering:

He’s a cheap huckster selling things that just don’t fit.

So in my mind, an empty suit, standing in Donald Trump’s 7th spot on the Fox dias tonight, would represent exactly what Trump has to offer the United States.


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45 responses to “Trump v. Fox — A Solution

  1. You said that SOOO much nicer than I EVER could’ve. Lord I hope you rub off on me!

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  2. This is genius. I like an empty suit more than any candidates on either side of the aisle.

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  3. I went and read the original story since you’d given it such a big build up. It is quite revealing of the man’s character, I think, and not in a good way.

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  4. I never click on suspicious links, sorry. And any Trump-related link is automatically suspicious.
    I made an exception in this case, though.

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  5. Dana

    We’re voting for snow panda, anyway! Let’s put the suit on the panda! Big panda in a little suit, big panda in a little suit! 🙂

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  6. I love the idea, but I would also include a giant diaper to represent the big baby in him, and of course a cat, you know to represent his inner pussy.


  7. That would be a suitable strategy. On the other hand, if Trump just started selling suits, he’d get votes. If Trump stood on a pile of cow manure and poured it all over himself, while giving a speech, he’d get votes. If he could convert his style into metal, he’d put the teflon pan industry out of business. Trump is a true juggernaut, at least within the GOP. How he’ll fare in the general remains to be seen, but I know at least one democrat who’s planning to vote for this slick operator. We’d better brace ourselves for a billionaire in the White House, Elyse.

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  8. Sometimes I click on the link. Sometimes.

    The tags are killing me. They’re almost as long as the post itself and just as clever. I’m going to watch. Aren’t you?

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    • No. I won’t watch. Blacklist is more entertaining and won’t destroy the earth. I will watch it anon. Maybe.

      I do have fun with the tags. I fear one day I will forget …


  9. An empty suit… just perfect. I wish Fox would have the courage to do that, but that would mean that they were actually fair and balanced… and had a sense of humor.

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  10. They could also just settle this dispute by going into an arena and fighting to the death… on pay-per-view…

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  11. The whole things is beyond weird. Apparently the guy can dish it out but he can’t take it. Or maybe he can, but he knows doing something like this is the best way to keep him in the news without spending a dime. Sad thing is, he’s right. Ugh.

    And no, I’ll be honest, I didn’t click the link. But I’m in a hurry because I’m taking my magician son to his annual magician convention today. Always ample blog fodder there!

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  12. I did click and read. I agree. He’s nothing but a huckster, but I have to admit he’s good at it. Look how much attention he’s garnered by acting like a toddler who didn’t get his own way.

    Ugh. Just ugh.

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  13. Trump’s boycott of the debate could turn out to be a smart sly move. NBC’s Chuck Todd suggested that after 5 minutes of bashing the absentee, the other candidates will likely turn to bashing one another and in the process make mistakes that will haunt them. The Donald, however, will be able to avoid more attempts to make him get specific about his absurd plans. As they say in Texas, he’s all hat and no cattle.

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  14. Deb

    It really is going to continue to get worse, isn’t it?

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  15. Perfect, Elyse. And yes, I did click on the link.

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  16. Holly

    I would totally vote for an empty suit at this point.

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  17. I can’t believe this is going on. So when Putin makes him angry will he not go to the summit? Will that be better or worse? What the hell is going on and why aren’t more people reacting?

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  18. Your metaphor is perfect. Melanie’s, unfortunately, has me picturing him naked. Excuse me while I go throw up.

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  19. Maybe the Shakespearean title says it all …. Much Ado About Nothing

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  20. Empty suit? Not even needed. The “emperor” has no clothes. 😉

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