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Love is… A Woman’s Best Friend? Hmmm… #SundayBlogShare

Under the chair

Duncan, In his early morning “Mom’s Reading Blogs” position.

It isn’t often that I wake up and find I’ve already half-written a blog post. But that happened to me today.

In a post describing what “Love Is” my bloggin’ buddy Barb Taub shared our combined love/horror stories.

Duncan, you all will be happy to know, is out of the nipping/shoe eating phase. Now he collects my shoes into his crate when I’m not looking and slobbers all over them.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Dogs are gross.

Barb Taub

In her blog today, the incredible Suzie of Suzie81speaks challenges us, “We want to know from you what love is.”  She really wants an answer. The media is on alert.

So I started thinking about all the people I love: the grumpy Prince Curmudgeonly I married 30+ years ago, four amazing children, the UMAG (Universe’s Most Adorable Grandbaby), friends who would bail me out (or not because they’d be in the next cell over), family, and my dog.

But there’s only one who loves me with a single-minded intensity that eclipses all else—with the possible exception of meal times. And her ball. Being the center of my dog’s universe is heady stuff (even if it’s a canine universe that often smells pretty ripe, regurgitates disgusting things under my dining room chair, and farts a lot).

As I looked over old posts to see if I had any non-canine stories of love, I realized…

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