There’s a Name For That!

Feeling down in the mouth?  Discouraged?  Hopeless?

You’re not alone.

When I’m suffering with something-or-other, it really helps to know that I’m not alone.  Since November 9, 2016, there’s been a veritable epidemic of misery sweeping the nation.  Relax, though.  Because your misery now has a name, an actual diagnosis:

‘Post-Election Stress Disorder’

We’re all suffering from PESD.  Although frankly, I don’t know why they needed a new diagnosis.  Because if the election of Donald Trump doesn’t represent a traumatic event, I don’t know what does.

The only treatment is action.




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30 responses to “There’s a Name For That!

  1. PESD. I like it. Although, I think PISSED might be a more accurate term 😉

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    PESD …. I know the feeling very well!!

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  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    For about two-and-a-half months now, I have wondered what was wrong with me. I, who rarely cry, do so easily now. Usually patient, I have no patience with the human race these days. And I have felt out of sorts, as if I had … well … fallen down a rabbit hole. Thanks to my blogger-friend Elyse, blogging at FiftyFourAndAHalf, I now have a firm diagnosis, though not a cure, for that which ails me! I have PESD … I am so thrilled, that I just had to share her post! Please take a moment to read … and thank you, Elyse, for helping me to understand my disease! Now … can you cure me??? 🙂

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  5. And this isn’t Elysian because PESD has made it to the news outlets – both fake and real.

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  6. Haha! I prescribe alcohol. That always makes me feel better.

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  7. The Orange Maroon’s latest executive pick, H.R. McMaster for National Security Advisor, appears to be an excellent choice. What’s going on? Somewhere, I suspect, he’s got a dart board, or maybe one of those 8-ball toys that floats up random answers like “yes”, “no”, “put off ’til tomorrow, etc. Or it could be horoscopes I suppose, but those are so Reagan. A jillion monkeys typing for eternity will eventually write the Gettysburg address.

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    • Actually, I’m concerned t hat he is surrounding himself with generals only. Will they come up with a non-military solution for anything? Would they, for example, have recommended a blockade? Scary times for us.

      Gotta get those monkeys to work on a coherent speech by the Orange one.


  8. Your post is 91 words but your tags are *151* words! I thought you’d like to know.

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  9. Of course it has a name. And I think it started for many before the election. Just a note…love your “tags”.

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    • I agree that it started before the election — but only hints of it because who on earth thought this jerk would win???

      (I have a great time with the tags. Best cure for writers’ block ever!)

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  10. I’ve just been calling CA (combover aversion)– but I should have known it has an official name.

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  11. Thank you for putting a name to that which ails me!!! Next time my ‘significant other’ asks what the heck is wrong with me, instead of sighing and saying, “oh, nothing”, I can say I am suffering from PESD!!! 🙂

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  12. Whenever I go anywhere, I always diss Twitler to someone, and to this point, nobody has disagreed with me. I don’t feel alone in my despair, because I have plenty of company. I only wish that Twitler and his entire family know how despised they all are,

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    • Nonnie, I’m not sure anybody would try to argue this point with YOU! But yes, there are many sufferers of PESD, they are all around us.

      Trump and his family are in a bubble; once we burst it, I think they will get a feel for how we feel. Tar and feathers will help with that, too.


  13. And if the election outcome lasts more than 4 years, please consult a doctor immediately.

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  14. Yes, indeed. Or as I like to call it (as I’m sure others do too): Post-Trumpatic Stress Disorder. Sigh.

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