Two Mints in One

Remember those Certs’ Ads from the 60s?  {Shut up if you don’t, please.  I’m not talking to you, you whippersnapper.]

Well this morning I had a “two in one” moment, and I nearly drove off the road because the story I heard on the radio hit my two* hot buttons.

Did you hear this one?

Louie Gohmert, (Braintrust-TX (of course) announced that he wasn’t going to do any in-person Town Hall meetings with his constituents because, and I quote:

The House Sergeant at Arms advised us after former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot at a public appearance, that civilian attendees at Congressional public events stand the most chance of being harmed or killed — just as happened there.

Now to clarify in case you’ve been self treating your PESD heavily and are starting to look like Steve Bannon, this really pisses me off.

Because Louie, Louie has an A rating from the NRA, and just two weeks ago on February 2, Louie, Louie voted to allow mentally ill folks to get guns, and he believes that MORE guns will prevent mass shootings.

Talk about the personification of the politician who thinks it’s OK for US to get shot wherever we go, but makes sure that his place of employment is a veritable Fort Knox of security.

Later today, Gabby Giffords, who has been working since her shooting for sensible gun laws, called Louie, Louie out on his hypocrisy:

“I was shot on a Saturday morning. By Monday morning, my offices were open to the public,” Giffords said. “Ron Barber ― at my side that Saturday, who was shot multiple times, then elected to Congress in my stead ― held town halls. It’s what the people deserve in a representative.”

“To the politicians who have abandoned their civic obligations, I say this: Have some courage,” Giffords said. “Face your constituents. Hold town halls.”

Gohmert, put on some kevlar and get your ass in front of the public.

My own member of congress, Barbara Comstock, you too.  Telephonic Town Halls don’t cut the mustard.  I want you to look into my eyes before you rip away my healthcare/medicare/civil rights.

Oh, and in 2018, can we please get rid of these GOP members of Congress who are too stupid to even know how stupid they are?

* OK, so I have more than two** hot buttons.

** OK, so I have more than two hundred hot buttons.

*** Did I forget a footnote?


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20 responses to “Two Mints in One

  1. These days, republitards need to worry about sane people with guns… HA!


  2. Susan from Boston

    OMG! I was born in the mid-sixties so YES of course I remember those Certs commercials. God, sometimes I miss those days. (sigh)

    As for Louie? He’s a f*cking p*ssy!!!!

    Louie ought to grow a spine and check his history. Teddie Roosevelt, while on the campaign trail, was shot, in the chest or stomach (I forget exactly where) and continued on with his speech all the while bleeding and in pain.

    Grow a set Louie and face your constituents.

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  3. Same here. Andy Harris The Coward refuses to hold in-person town halls so we’re having one tonight to which he is invited. Maybe Flat Andy will show up since it’s highly unlikely The Coward will. Or we can hold a conversation with Andy via an empty chair the way Clint Eastwood did at the 2012 RNC. Cowards and hypocrites.

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    • I spoke (or wrote) too soon. Look what I found in the paper this morning:

      “Earlier this month, Harris said he would hold an in-person meeting once Republicans unveiled a replacement plan… In a statement Thursday, Harris said he plans to hold a “brick-and-mortar” town hall in Easton on March 31 because, he said, a replacement “should be available by the end of March.”

      Gotta wonder what crap they’ve come up with to replace the ACA.

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      • Last I heard it involved that panacea of the GOP — tax credits and healthcare savings accounts. Assholes all.


      • This issue has been bothering me since I read your second comment. What having a town hall at the end of March means is that he doesn’t want to listen to you/his constituents, he just wants to tell you what they’re going to try to ram down our throats.

        And frankly that makes me even madder. I wonder how many other GOP members are using this tactic.


        • My thoughts exactly! That’s why I quoted it. Harris has been saying for the past week or two that he didn’t want to hold a town hall until he had something concrete to tell us about. It makes me wonder if those cowards are waiting until they’ve actually forced it upon us by passing something before they meet with their constituents.

          Andy Harris has made it quite clear that he is not interested in meeting with people who didn’t vote for him or don’t support him now.


  4. Ugh. It’s happening here as well…telephone conferences, in a state that turned red for Trump…hypocrisy, cowardice in full force.

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  5. I remember the Certs ads! (You gotta scroll down).

    Oh, and Louie Gohmert is a fuckwad. And a chickenshit. He’s such a pussy that he had better steer clear of his president or he might get grabbed.

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  6. The hypocrisy has been so thick lately, we need machetes to cut through it. Add those to the guns that anybody can now get, and we’ll be super safe as a society.

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  7. The more I read and the more is see- the madder I get. Yea, how about those cowards? They all want to take away what we deserve but the don’t want to serve the citizens of the USA. Most of the, are cowards. Do they think they are safe in other places. I think not. If someone wants to shoot you, then they’ll hunt you down, no matter where you are. It’s lots easier to duck and dodge when you’re a hypocrite and one who does not question the current president about his policies.

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    • I think there must be a huge increase in the amount of blood pressure medication prescribed in the US — everybody is mad, and I think you’re with me in that just hearing the news I get madder and madder. Just a few minutes ago I read that Trump said that nobody loves the 1st Amendment more than him … except for probably everybody in the country you fascists, Donny. Grrrr.

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  8. Imagine going to work and stating that you won’t be participating in your duties because you’re too scared.
    I’m impressed you didn’t hit a pole! I just dropped F-bombs reading this, clearing I have more than 2 hot spots as well.

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