The Day in a Picture

Investigate. Investigate. Investigate. Then maybe put some adults in charge.

The Last Of The Millenniums


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13 responses to “The Day in a Picture

  1. Do they even need to cover anything up now?

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  2. Someone posted a picture of a menu board on Twitter yesterday. It says “Trump Sandwich: White bread, full of baloney, w/Russian dressing and a small pickle.”

    That about sums up 45*.

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  3. The big elephant in the room right now (pun intended) is The substance of the intelligence recordings of Flynn’s conversations with the Russians. If Trump withholds those transcripts like he is doing with his tax returns, I think it would be as big a deal as Watergate. Democrats are helpless now but history will judge!

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  4. Republicans don’t want an investigation because they know what will be found… guilt, collaboration, treason, or whatever, that they’d prefer to sweep under the rug.

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  5. I’m more interested in this question: Why don’t Republicans want an investigation?

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