Gigantic Turds

Earlier today, after spending hours trying to digest/swallow Putin’s President’s nominee for the Supreme Court, I tried not to vomit.  That continued as I tried not to go ballistic over the fact that the Senate Finance Committee cheated by changing the rules for reporting nominations out of committee and sent PRICE — nominee who wants to gut Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security —  out for an up or down vote on the senate floor.  You see, in the real world — pre-Trump — the Senate had rules.  They followed those rules.  And things worked out OK.

Now?  Not so much.  Things don’t seem to be going quite so well.

So naturally, I thought of poop.  And my friend Nikki/Jordan provided the backup for my concerns.  Sloths.


So I’m figuring that the Trump Administration is a collection of sloths, all holding in their shit for a week at a time.  And that explains how miserable they are.  Constipation doesn’t make for happy government nominees.

This explains everything.

You’re welcome.


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35 responses to “Gigantic Turds

  1. Have you seen Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on SNL yet? Please watch it, I still can’t stop laughing…

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  2. HAHAHA!! Thank you for this! I hope a predator gets Trump the next time he takes a dump on his golden toilet – seems fitting.

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  3. And the DeVos vote is scheduled for 6:30 AM …. but let’s not forget that Harry Reid changed the rules that could be helpful at the moment.

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  4. Well, Elyse, we learned TWO things today. 1. My Republican Senator is full of shit. 2. I now know when he is most vulnerable to attack, so I will insist that his aide yell my messages at him through the bathroom door. Conveniently, he should be able to look down and verify if he has the balls to act or not. 🙂

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    • Good plan. Actually I just found an article that gives the location of town halls (mwahahahaha). I will post on it in the next day or two.

      My DEMOCRATIC senator (one of them) is too. Warner voted for Tillerson. Jerk

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  5. Haha, that sounds like a very unpleasant way to live.

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  6. Deb

    Constipated huh? That’s an easy fix isn’t it-Dump a huge supply of laxative in the DC water system and if that doesn’t work then how about a round of enemas for all!

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  7. It’s only been, what?, 12 days? The alarm clock radio clicked on this morning and I *thought* the newscaster said that Herr Trump threatened to send troops across the Mexican border if the Mexican government didn’t address their ‘bad hombre’ problem. I’m hoping it was just a morning fever dream. The Dems are completely powerless. A revolution will have to rise up from within the Republican party itself.


  8. That’s some serious fecal matter !!


  9. Oh my gosh. You made me laugh, giggle and scare two of my cats. While I was laughing, Carly and Frankie looked at me like I had lost my mind. My bedroom is very quiet and I seldom speak to my pets. (They do get lots of petting though).

    Anyhow, rules no longer apply. Just what in the hell does that mean for our country? It seems to me that almost overnight we are living under not one but an entire one party dictatorship. Things just continue to look very grim. I still find it beyond me to understand how so many people were deceived by one blubbering liar.


  10. To be fair, the Senate had plenty of sloth turds long before Trump.

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  11. Awww, great minds think alike, Elsye. You posted Giant Turds, and just the other day, I posted Angry Turds. I guess everyone is constantly thinking about shit now that Bannon’s Baby is in the Oval Office.

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    • Oh yeah, and I don’t think there are any rules or precedents associated with this administration or the Republicans who are so excited to have CONTROL that they don’t really care about the consequences of their actions… so rules? what rules?

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  12. I am learning stuff now…

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  13. I said to my boyfriend tonight that everybody I know looks like they are desperately trying not to vomit. This post helped me feel a little better.

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  14. It was obvious they were full of something. Now I know what.

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