Let’s Go To Town!.

Tired of calling your senators and congressman/woman?  Maybe what you need to do instead is go to town.  Town Halls, that is.

Yup.  Here’s another way to raise some hell.

The Town Hall Project 2018 is a website that posts public forums for senators and members of congress.  Meetings where you can go and listen to and talk with the people who claim to represent you.

If you have questions, problems concerns with what is happening in our government, in our world, go to town.

If you think that keeping Obamacare is important to you, go to town.

If you think that maintaining Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as you’ve expected them to be when it was time for you to collect on what you’ve paid out for decades, go to town.

If you think that protecting the environment is important to you, go to town.

If you think that Trump’s Executive Order banning Muslims should be revoked, go to town.

If you have other opinions that I haven’t listed and that you feel your representatives in Congress need to hear about, go to town.  And bring friends.  Bring lots and lots of friends.

The Town Hall Project 2018 has promised to update its website regularly.  So bookmark it, and show up.

American Democracy is no longer a spectator sport.  Get it in gear.



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31 responses to “Let’s Go To Town!.

  1. Thanks for posting this, Elyse. I’m definitely going to check it out.

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  2. I’m lucky to have every one of my congressional representatives on the right (i mean, left) side of the issue.

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  3. See you in town! 📝🏛 Thanks for making this process of being an active citizen a bit easier! 🤗😘

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  4. Not sure if there is a similar law in the states in Canada if someone is deemed unsafe to self or the public we ask the physician or the police to complete “form 1 ” as per our mental health act to bring the person to hospital for a full psychiatric assessment. Maybe you can suggest the same at the town hall for the president

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  5. Also, insist on townhall meetings. Some reps are scared shitless to face their constituents, so they ether don’t schedule townhalls, or they cancel them at the last minute. Shame them into having them if that’s necessary. Call TV news stations, and ask them to ask your reps why they don’t have townhall meetings when so many citizens are asking for them. Don’t allow them to slither under their rocks. Be proud, be loud, show up often and bring a crowd.

    –Nonnie Dickinson (I’m a poet, and I know it!)

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  6. Deb

    Thanks Elyse! Right now there is nothing in my state save a vague Q & A by a Republican reps staff, and over 5 hours away at that. I have great Democratic reps though who will do what is needed to stop the narcissistic sociopath

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  7. Good point. Unfortunately for me, Trump carried my district 2.5 to 1 (even more in some regions of the district). Rep is a party loyalist who can’t think on his own.

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