Saturday Night Comes Early to Trumpworld

Breaking news!  Hours after the (Obama holdover) Acting Attorney General Sally Yates announced that she would not uphold Putin’s President’s Muslim ban, Trump fired her.


Just-fired Attorney General Sally Yates.  Google Image

It took Nixon about 5 years to do something this egregious.

Trump?  10 days.  TEN DAYS.

But I think we have another new Democratic hero.  Isn’t it amazing how many Democratic heroes Donald Trump is developing?




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48 responses to “Saturday Night Comes Early to Trumpworld

  1. We all need to be heroes now.

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  2. There is a great video of Sessions drilling her during her appointment hearing about her duty to say “no” to he president. Gotta love when shit like that surfaces.
    She is indeed a hero of the people!

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  3. The Governor of my state (Washington) is (so far) the only governor to have his Attorney General file a law suit against Trump for his Unconstitutional Consecutive Action (I still don’t think of him as an Executive of anything but a Reality TV Empire of Fluff—my apologies to Fluff everywhere). I called Gov. Inslee’s office and thanked him for remembering what was on the base of the Statue of Liberty. I also called each one of my Congressional reps and said that I expect that they would uphold the constitution even if Trump wasn’t feeling like it today or tomorrow.

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  4. I’m just shaking my head here and hoping I’m in the middle of some crazy dream where a man with an odd hair style seeks to rule and re-order the world !

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    • Just remember, Peter, that only 27.2% of Americans actually voted for this maniac. I can’t say that they are the ones who put him into office, because 40% of eligible voters didn’t vote, so we don’t have a voter fraud issue; we have a voter apathy issue. And the Democrats could have run a different campaign. I bet the anti-Brexit people thought the same thing, huh?

      Anyway, I am just as mortified and scared as the rest of the rational world.

      I had hoped that “Candidate Trump” would be vastly different than “President Trump.” Why did I think that giving an egomaniac the ultimate soapbox would make him suddenly socially conscious?

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  5. There is good news. (yes seriously) People are coming together like they haven’t in decades. Kids are putting down their electronic devices and marching. They are becoming activists. He is doing what he said he would do so we shouldn’t be surprised. (It’s what we feared.) The lack of checks and balances is a problem. They call those countries dictatorships. My immigrant grandparents are rolling in their graves.

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    • That’s the silver lining, Kate. I just hope we can stop him before too long.

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      • I have been asking for months “who voted for him” and I’m starting to understand. The women at my gym (all over 75) are in his court. I don’t know if it’s puppeting their husband’s thoughts or if they believe he can do something. It’s their Social Security and healthcare that is at stake and they don’t know it. They are worried about people from Mexico and immigrants despite the fact that their parents emigrated. Gah!

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  6. With apologies to Peter Allen, everything old is new again.

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  7. He thinks he’s still on The Apprentice and can simply fire employees without consequences. I hope Yates can position herself to rally support and pave the way toward his impeachment.

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  8. Her statement saying the DOJ wouldn’t defend the EO pretty much said she knew she might be fired.

    I think everyone standing up to 45 is a hero.

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  9. Though I have calmed some since the news of Yates’ firing, I was so devastated that I referred to it as the end of our democracy. I still believe it may be the beginning of the end, if Trump is not stopped. The Republicans in Congress need to pull their heads out of their collective butt and grow some cojones before this man does irreparable damage to our nation.

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  10. It would be interesting if her next job was with the ACLU, directly challenging Trump’s decisions.

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  11. This shit is getting really scary. One of the worst things about it is the silence of the Rethuglicans. They supposedly love the Constitution so much they wanna marry it, but they seem to be perfectly okay with checks and balances being thrown in the shitter.

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  12. I saw earlier today that she rejected the ban, and I figured this would happen. No surprise, but unfortunate.

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  13. nkdwhtguy

    The orange cracker strikes again. Sad! How many more weeks will he be in office? And where the fuck is the karma bitch? We need her to come back around (and bring a copy of the Constitution with her).

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  14. This is going to go so far south, so fast.

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  15. Yep, Nixon, Bush, even Cheney are pussycats compared to this guy (and the Shadow President behind him – Bannon. You do realize it’s Bannon, don’t you? Trump’s too busy looking in the mirror.)

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