I Don’t Usually Brag

But sometimes I just can’t hold it.

The Scoop on Poop

If you want to know if you know as much about shit as a fake medical professional/real expert shitter, here’s the link.



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58 responses to “I Don’t Usually Brag

  1. Oh I do ❤ you so, Elyse!

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  2. I feel like I want to do this, but I will likely just made me grumpy!

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  3. You are The Queen at many levels.

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    No, I don’t think I will compete with a life long expert. Butt congrats on your high score.


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  5. I got 75% right. Of course, I already knew about how many times we pass gas everyday, Oprah told me that a long time ago. But what they don’t mention is if it’s normal to fart 12 times in 10 minutes. Just asking for a friend. Also, I did a ten page research paper on C. diff last year for college. Fascinating stuff. Let’s hope with my upcoming surgery I won’t have to find out more about my bowel and they leave it the hell alone.

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    • I taught Jacob how to do Internet research by looking up farts. So I am a veritable wellspring of information on that front. Not that i’s know otherwise, natch!

      I’ll keep my legs crossed for you that they don’t need to mess with your bowels. You Will be fine if they need to though. Just look at me. Or don’t,. When do I need to start crossing them?

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  6. This doesn’t surprise me at all — I had already figured out that you are a genius when it comes to poop. I’m just sad that they don’t give you an actual award to display on your mantel (or in the bathroom — which may be more appropriate). The least they could do is get one of those fake rubber poops and gold plate it for you or something!

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  7. Dana

    I only got one wrong. It was the one that let you answer “both” . I always answer all of the above, if it’s an option.

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  8. Yahoo for you! Can’t wait to see the award!


  9. Off to hubby’s colonoscopy now. No kidding.

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  10. 11 out of 12… never had yellow, tan, or green stools… guess I’m rather bland sticking with good old brown… knew the transplant question right away, due to your diligent efforts in educating your readers on such things…
    You really are the shit, and know your shit, and I’m not shitting you… (if I had more time, I would keep going) 🙂

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  11. Also, and I have to say it, this post is total crap.

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  12. I always knew you were some kind of blog superhero… just didn’t know that your super-power was poop knowledge. I mean, it’s no lazer vision, but when did lazer vision ever make anyone laugh???

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  13. You know I’m dying …hahahaha!

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  14. Your full of it, Elyse.

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  15. Dammit!! 11 out of 12. And the one I missed was the question about prunes — I figured that was just an urban myth. Unfortunately, I know so much about this because of the IBS diagnosis I got years ago. I know more than I’d like to know about poop as a result. 😉

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  16. 9/12 – I’d probably have a crappier score if I didn’t know some of the answers thanks to your blog (e.g, poop transplants).

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  17. I tried to take that quiz, twice, and both times my Internal Explorer pooped out (sorry for the pun) – and I was doing really well with the answers, too!

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  18. Deb

    9 out of 12. I wouldn’t call that a ‘fun’ quiz by any means, but it was educational 😉

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    • You saw through why I posted it (I mean in addition to bragging). There are a couple of questions in there that are important — when to go to the doctor, for example! And everybody should know their shit!!

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  19. Brag worthy indeed. You must be flush with pride 😉

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  20. Thank you for this. 8-12. They said eat prunes and take the quiz again, lol. This was quite interesting…if you decide to become a poop dr…I will sign up to be your patiemt.

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