On The Head!

People frequently think that funny people are smart people. 

In fact, I personally used my sense of humor to launch my career.  A group of lawyers assumed I was a quick study as well as a quick wit and promoted me. 

I’m been a fan of comedians who not only ARE smarter than the rest of us (Stewart, Colbert, Oliver) but don’t get all sanctimonious about the fact.  

So I’m not a big fan of Bill Maher as a general rule.  But with this piece of “New Rules” he nailed it.  

I knew giving everybody a trophy would come back and bite us in the ass.  


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45 responses to “On The Head!

  1. Hysterical! Love the irony that Maher is clearly a product of the same societal brain-washing.

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  2. Dana

    Drumpf was a spoiled brat long before the self esteem movement. Maher just wants to talk about Logan kicking his seat. I do agree, however, that both Logan and Drumpf need to be grounded without TV, phone or computer, until they learn how to behave!

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  3. Shudder. This election is like a bad horror movie. I can’t look.

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  4. I feel the same about Bill Maher, although I watch him religiously every Friday. I saw the piece you’re featuring and it was hysterical. I think Maher has been right on about Trump on all accounts. He just gets on my nerves when he so self-righteously denigrates faith, God, and mocks anyone of faith. That is usually when I change the channel . . .

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    • That’s what I don’t like — if you disagree, you’re wrong and stupid. Um, no Bill … But he is often funny. What’s a thinking liberal to do?!?!


  5. I am living proof that not all funny people are that smart… wait… I am funny, aren’t I???

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  6. I’m sort of 50/50 on Bill Maher. Usually agree with much of what he says, and often learn something in the process of watching his round-table verbal jousting sessions, but, his delivery and his obvious superiority complex make me want to switch the channel. And often, I do.

    What good does it do to have something intelligent to add to the conversation, if you aren’t smart enough to figure out that HOW you deliver the information is turning people off ? Makes me want to smack him sideways sometimes, but other times, I’m both laughing out loud, and groaning at how ridiculous it has all become.

    His Krump piece was full of salient points, and he threw in plenty of zingers to amuse the audience, but the really frightening thing is that there is even someone like Krump in the conversation. Makes me nauseous just to see his face or hear his voice. He is a horrid person. #notafanofkrump

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  7. Bill is not my favorite, though now and again, he gets it absolutely dead on. This is one of those times. The self-esteem movement? Ridiculous and self-defeating in the end, created self-entitled monsters. The Trump, he is not a creation of this movement, he is something far far far worse and needs shock therapy and medication.

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  8. I’m not always a big fan of Bill Maher either, but I did read one of his books several years back, and it was laugh-out-loud funny. He does hit the nail on the head in this clip, but I think it’s even deeper with Trump. He’s a narcissist (is there a better example of one anywhere?), and even the best parents in the world might not have been able to stop his ego. After all, Trump was a kid before the self-esteem movement.

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  9. Paul

    Sigh – you may very well ban me for this comment Elyse but here goes: Trump is the perfect American. This is where the principles y’all hold so dear end up.

    1) Democracy: all about the desire of the individual – the fundamental unit is the one – vote for the candidate that is best for YOU, do what is best for YOU.

    2) Capitalism: money is exclusive – i.e. if I have it the only way you can get it is to take it from me. It is owned and controlled by the individual.

    3) Freedom of Speech: I can say whatever i want that best benefits me even when it means speaking hate and obvious lies against minorities, or any other group

    Trump is perfect. As i was told – careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

    By the way, all of those concepts above? they are all fine concepts that when used properly can and did create one of the best countries in the world (the US). When used properly.

    For instance if the individual used these concepts for the greater good, then it would create a powerhouse that would be unassailable. Because they are used selfishly to promote the individual they are eroding your country and the freedoms you have and producing a generation of Trumps.

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  10. I hated the self-esteem movement in education … and this supports those thoughts.

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  11. Funny and sad at the same time. Wait til these people get in the workforce and get a “needs improvement” on their reviews.

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  12. I love Bill and especially this piece. Finally someone is acknowledging the ridiculousness of a round of trophies for everyone mentality. I’ll be the first to say my daughter was a horrible athlete … horrible, yet you wouldn’t know it from the closet full of dust collectors.
    Lord knows the last thing this world needs are more “Donalds”

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  13. My Mom was not a fan of the “self esteem” movement. You learn a lot of lessons by losing and not coming in first. The first one is to lose gracefully (which most people today do not do). Loved this.

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  14. I must say, I do like Bill Maher. In fact nobody likes Bill Maher better than me. Although I have a hard time pronouncing his name. It just doesn’t flow. I think I’m going to follow Donald Trump’s example, when it comes to self-esteem. I’m going to vote for myself.

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  15. Yeah, Maher isn’t my favorite, but usually for his delivery rather than his insight. A lot to agree with here. (But I do think very little kids should be congratulated for showing up. THAT is their big accomplishment at that age. The rest of us, not so much.)

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