The Day in a Quote

Thanks, as always, to Father Kane who continues to find the best stuff.

The Last Of The Millenniums


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18 responses to “The Day in a Quote

  1. Very good. As for me, I’m hoping for a contested GOP convention.

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  2. I say, vote for me. Write me in.


  3. I keep thinking there might be a grassy knoll in his future, if you know what I mean. Those Koch brothers must be plotting.

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  4. Paul

    Duncan for President!

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  5. Or… if we write-in a vote for Francis, it would be the First Pope President!

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  6. Trump: First President to receive a fatal wound to the nuts from the United States Marines. Because they vowed to protect America from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.


  7. The first things I look for on my email folder are Father Kane’s entries.

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  8. Shouldn’t this post come with a warning?

    I do my best to avoid having to see that face, but considering that it’s being used as a way to make a point, I’ll have to suck it up and regurgitate my way through it. Never, ever, not in a million years, would I have been able to envision such sorrowful hatred being paraded around with fanfare and such celebration. If my dogs could vote, I’d be lining them up. I’m even trying to convince people who have never even voted once in any election to finally take the leap, and get involved. I’m figuring a five to one ratio should be sufficient, so how about we shoot for ten to one, just to be safe. Ughghghhgh.

    (and, yes, the “shoot” was an intended pun – you know how they love their guns).

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