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Babes in Toyland – Angie and Me

Angie and I came up to the knees of these guys

Angie and I came up to the knees of these guys

We did it!  Angie of Childhood Relived and I met for lunch!  It was memorable.  Sadly, though, we did stay in this decade, the 2010s (which sounds really weird).  We simply couldn’t work in time travel back to the 1980s.  Traffic congestion, you see.

We had wonderful plans, Angie and I.  Tours.  Nostalgia.  Archie Bunker and the Smithsonian’s American Museum that contains just the right tidbits of crap from TV Land as brilliantly suggested by Darla of She’s a Maineiac.

But there was one thing that we didn’t factor in ahead of time.  Now, what do you suppose that might be.

If you’re guessing that it’s the fact that neither Angie nor I knows how to shut up, “Come On Down.”  Yup, we spent a 2 hour lunch fighting for air time.  I had my stories; Angie had hers.  It was close, but I think Angie won.  I want a re-match.

Still, we did do a tour of DC.  Sort of.

First of all, none of the restaurants I’d suggested in my earlier post um, worked out.  Still, the restaurant we went to is a Washington landmark:  The Old Ebbitt Grill.  The restaurant has been there for centuries!  Famous people have eaten there – Lincoln!  Grant!  Wilson!  FDR!  Checkers!  It is a piece of Washington history that is seriously cool.  Except that it didn’t happen at the place where we had lunch.  Yup, we had lunch at the new Old Ebbitt Grill.  The OLD Old Ebbitt Grill was torn down not long after I got to DC in 1979.  I’m sure there is no connection.  And I did tell Angie that we were having an expensive lunch in a fraudulent facility.  That’s our nation’s capital for you.

Still, we had a great lunch.  Of course, neither of us would stop talking.  As a result, the food wasn’t as hot as it might have been.  Perhaps we should have sent it back.  A good restaurant should factor conversation in.

Anyway after our long lunch, we realized that we really didn’t have time for much else, so we decided to walk around the White House and gloat about Obama’s re-election.  Of course, we didn’t know that that night Barack, Michelle and the girls were going to light the White House Christmas Tree.  In public.  With thousands of folks in attendance.  Apparently, everybody in DC, VA and MD was there.  So Angie and I, still never pausing our conversation, swam upstream against thousands of folks determined to see the festivities.

Here are the pictures.  Angie did her best Angie-1980s in front of some of Washington’s most impressive tourist destinations.

OK, I can’t be that mean.  Here she is — and really, she doesn’t often let her mouth hang open like that.  It was done only by request.

Angie 6

And here is the picture she took of me!

Angie 4 with me

But the single best moment was when I drove Angie in my car out of a Washington, DC parking lot where we had left my car for 3 hours.

Twenty Dollars?” she said.  “It cost $20 to park for three hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Angie, you’re not in Kansas any more.  Or one of those other fly-over states, either.  Whichever one you come from.

Come back soon!


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