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I know this town.  My late sister Judy lived here for over 20 years.  She raised her three kids there.  They went to Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I know this town.  Its stores, the way the roads twist and turn.

I know this town.  The way the waitresses at the Blue Colony Diner know your order, even when you only come to town a couple of time a year.

I know this town.  It is America.  And America’s children shouldn’t die.  Not because somebody snapped and needed to kill.

I have written numerous posts on guns, gun control and the fact that guns are designed only to kill.  When those guns point at and kill children, well, perhaps it is time that we all took note.  That perhaps, just perhaps, folks should not be allowed to have guns that can do more than simply protect them and their homes.  That people should not be allowed to have guns that can do more than shoot Bambi.  That people should not fucking be able to shoot and kill six year olds.

We do all we can do to protect our children:  bicycle helmets, seat belts, safety restraints on everything they touch.  Screens around trampolines.  The list is endless.

But we don’t stop the possibity of them being blown away in their fucking kindergarten classrooms.

What is wrong with this picture.


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