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Shattered Belief

The following is a story that I submitted to The Green Study’s funny Christmas Story contest.  I found out about it through C4C, Company For Christmas, when Michelle of The Green Study and I met.  And I won 2nd Prize!  See Michelle’s post here for the other winners.

Thanks, Michelle for hosting the contest and for being part of C4C!

*     *     *

Jacob was 8 years old, and still believed in Santa with all his heart.  No matter how many of his friends showed him just why Santa couldn’t possibly be real, Jacob found it in his heart to believe.

It was getting awkward.  He was 8, and big for his age.  Nobody else in his class still believed.

It was 1999, and my husband, John, our 8 year old son Jacob and I were living in Geneva, Switzerland, where English language books were extremely expensive.  So naturally, in early December, Jacob’s teacher announced that the entire class needed to get a particular and particularly expensive dictionary by the beginning of 2000 for home use.  Locally it was tres cher.  But we found it for a reasonable price on Amazon.co.uk.  Being good parents, we ordered it.

It arrived two days before Christmas.  And on Christmas Eve, I wrapped it up.

“I’ll take the hit for this one,” I told my husband, knowing that Jacob would not appreciate getting a dictionary for Christmas.

“Nah,” said John.  “Mark it from Santa.”

I didn’t think much about it, but I followed John’s suggestion.  Santa had another gift for Jacob.

When Christmas morning arrived, Jacob got great gifts from Santa:  an electric car race track, skiis and one more present.

Feels like a book,” Jacob said, eagerly opening it.  And then he looked at the cover.

“There’s no such thing as Santa.”  Jacob cried.  “Santa would never have given me a dictionary.”


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